June 22, 2024
lucid dream gone bad

Can Lucid Dreams Go Bad?

April 26, 20210

Lucid dreaming can be a lot of fun. It can also greatly benefit your everyday waking life in multiple ways. But, if you listen to some people as they cite scary lucid dreaming stories you […read more]

Inducing a lucid dream

Can Lucid Dreams Be Induced?

April 19, 20210

Lucid dreams seem like an exciting prospect to those who have never experienced one. And they are exciting. But unless you are one of the 33% of the population who experiences regular lucid dreams naturally […read more]

Controlling a dream

Can Lucid Dreams Be Controlled?

April 19, 20210

Most people have heard of lucid dreams. They hear or read stories about the fantastic adventures dreamers have in worlds that feel just as real as real life, and it all seems so magical. But […read more]

Woman after bad lucid dream

Are Lucid Dreams Good or Bad?

April 15, 20210

Shakespeare once told us through his character Hamlet that, ” … nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so”. Is that the case with lucid dreams? Are lucid dreams good or bad? […read more]

First time lucid dream

Can You Lucid Dream On The First Try?

April 15, 20210

Lucid dreaming is exciting and offers many wonderful benefits not the least of which is fantasy fulfillment. But if you go online you will hear people talking about spending time testing different induction techniques and […read more]

Women watching lucid dreaming video in bed

Do Lucid Dreaming Videos Work?

April 6, 20210

Being able to become fully conscious in a dream and take control over is an exciting prospect. Having the ability to experience anything you want makes the skill of lucid dreaming very attractive to everyone […read more]