July 8, 2024

About Me

Hi,  I created this website to answer as many questions about lucid dreaming as I can. Why?

Well, I think that the amount of information available online, about the subject of lucid dreaming, is very limited.

Sure there is a ton of videos, courses and websites dedicated to showing you how to lucid dream but there are not many that really delve into the topic in-depth.

Even the bigger lucid dreaming websites rarely stray away from the well-worn topics.

As well as covering the usual lucid dreaming topics it is my hope that I can answer all those more obscure lucid dreaming questions. And I also want to cover your lucid dreaming concerns especially those that are rarely covered i.e. where it is difficult to find an answer for elsewhere.

Who am I to tackle such a monumental task?


My name is Michael McGrath and I have been obsessed with lucid dreaming from a very young age.

Being born in the late 60’s (very late – I was born only 11 days before the turn of the new decade) I came across the topic of lucid dreaming completely by chance.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s there was no Internet (not even mobile phones existed) and there was very little written content on the subject of lucid dreaming.

What was out there was not easy to get.

Being interested in esoteric subjects and psychic phenomena in my early years I only came across the subject of lucid dreaming by accident.

But once I heard about it I was determined to develop the ability to do it. I should say that since then I no longer have an interest in esoteric subjects as I have become a Christian but this in no way interferes with lucid dreaming.

Even though the bible is filled with stories of lucid and vivid dreams, I do not share my spiritual beliefs on this website other than to point out that lucid dreaming is not a sin.

So, rest assured that it requires no spiritual or religious beliefs to learn or experience lucid dreams. I also assure you that I will not share any of my personal spiritual beliefs with you in the pages on this website.

I keep the information to lucid dreaming and the science behind it.

Lucid dreaming is a perfectly normal phenomenon as I demonstrate in the article what causes lucid dreams.

I keep this website purely devoted to lucid dreaming and nothing else. I do not make any judgements or divulge my spiritual views. I also try to back up everything I say with hard scientific evidence.

Anyway back to my story.

Unfortunately, it took me until I was 21 years old before I had my first lucid dream, back in 1991.

I had to wait so long because there were no lucid dreaming courses or teachings available.

But thanks to the excellent work of Stephen LaBerge the subject started to slowly make its way into the mainstream from the late 1980’s and soon there were experienced lucid dreamers sharing their secrets for learning how to do it.

Luckily, in the 21st Century we have courses and communities that teach advanced lucid dreaming techniques that anyone can use to have their first lucid dream relatively quickly.

Such courses also help lucid dreamers to develop the talent of gaining complete and total control over their dream worlds.

If you have not had a lucid dream before, or you are struggling to have lucid dreams consistently, then consider joining a community of lucid dreamers via this lucid dreaming course.

I hope you find all the information you are looking for on this website.

If you have any lucid dreaming related questions that are not answered on this website please use the contact form on the site to ask me. I will try my best to get you an answer or write an article on the subject.

I wish you the utmost success on your lucid dreaming journey and know that you have many exciting nights ahead of you for many years to come.

Best wishes,