May 10, 2024

The Lucid Dream Method. Shifting Reality In 12 Steps

lucid dreaming reality shifting

Although learning how to lucid dream can be challenging for many people the rewards well outweigh the effort required. But getting more from lucid dreaming than just the usual benefits is something that many lucid dreamers have been experimenting with – reality shifting.

In this article I will show you how to shift realities using the power of lucid dreams.

This is one of the most effective shifting methods available.

Dream shifting – the lucid dream method for shifting reality

There is a growing trend among lucid dreamers to move past the usual benefits that lucid dreaming offers and to move into the more metaphysical realm. Some lucid dreamers are claiming that they can use their lucid dreams to shift reality.

In this article we will look at the most popular, and most effective, lucid dream shifting method currently being used in the lucid dreaming community.

reality shifting dream method

Lucid dreaming can be tremendous fun. It also has a host of benefits from helping you to study better and making you smarter to helping you improve your real world skills.

So it should come as no surprise that many lucid dreamers use it as a reality creation tool as well.

I mean if you can lucid dream your way to shooting more hoops or improving your work skills and performance is it such a stretch to think lucid dreaming can help you build a different and better life?

If you are already a lucid dreamer and already know the many benefits that lucid dreaming offers but want to discover its ability to help you manifest, then you will be pleased to know that in this article I outline an effective way for using your lucid dreams as a reality shifting vehicle.

I will cover the mechanics of the lucid dream method – shifting reality in 12 easy-to-implement steps.

Before we continue though I must add that as far as many lucid dreamers are concerned the jury is out on the effectiveness of using lucid dreams to help you manifest real tangible items but many other lucid dreamers swear that it works.

I guess the only way for you to know for sure is to try it for yourself. Test it and see.

Below is the most common lucid dream shifting method that lucid dreamers use within their lucid dreams for reality shifting.

How to shift realities – 2 dream shifting methods

In lucid dreams all things are possible. A trained lucid dreamer can manipulate everything and everyone within a lucid dream and can direct the narrative of the dream in any way they desire.

A skilled lucid dreamer is omnipotent within the dreamworld having god-like powers.

However, when it comes to using your lucid dreams for reality creation you need to walk a very thin line between dream omnipotence and playing in a dreamworld that reflects the waking world in very real ways.

In other words, you shouldn’t use your omnipotent powers in lucid dreaming reality shifting for reasons that I will outline below.

How to shift in dreams – 12 step formula for dream shifting

Below is the 12 step formula that shows you how to use a lucid dream to shift realities.

12 steps to dream shifting

  1. Script or outline what your lucid dream will involve while you are awake i.e. the reality you wish to shift to should be clearly outlined in your mind before you go to sleep.
  2. The reality you create must be possible i.e. being rich, having a hot partner, losing weight etc. It cannot involve magical manifestations that defy the laws of reality. You can’t shift to a reality where you are an alien overlord and king of the earth!
  3. Consider visualizing the dream in your mind while you are awake to help give you a basic outline for creating a scenario in your lucid dream.
  4. Once you go to sleep and start dreaming create a lucid dream environment that reflects the reality you wish to shift to, i.e. the reality that you outlined while awake.
  5. Make everything as normal and real as possible in the dream. No impossible designs or crazy unreal scenarios please. You cannot use your omnipotent dream powers to create magical things when you are trying to manifest in the real world.
  6. Act out the scene that reflects your desired reality. Immerse yourself in the new reality.
  7. Enjoy playing in that reality and know that it is real. This will not be hard to do as lucid dreams feel just as real as real life.
  8. Only act in normal ways within the dream. Do not attempt to fly, create magical creatures, move things through psychokinesis or break the laws of physics in any way. This is super important. You need to immerse yourself in a world that feels real and that totally reflects the experience that you will experience once you have successfully shifted reality. The idea is to practice what you will eventually experience in reality, so displaying magical powers will defeat that purpose.
  9. Enjoy the process. Do not make this hard work. Enjoy the reality in the same way that you will enjoy it when you experience it in the real world.
  10. When you wake up from your dream, mentally affirm that what you have just experienced was a future event.
  11. Repeat the same lucid dream every time you become lucid until your reality starts to shift.
  12. It is ok to change small things in different lucid dreams but you should keep the basic premise of the dream the same. Changing the feel and look of the dream continually, will negate the power of this technique. The key is to repeat the dream the same way you would repeat a visualization.

An alternative lucid dream reality shifting method – dream shifting

Some lucid dreamers will use an old visualization trick within their dreams to facilitate the shifting.

How to dream shift within a dream to jump to a different reality.

Instead of just creating the desired reality within the dream, the lucid dreamer will conjure up a huge drive-through type movie screen and run the desired scenario on the screen while they watch it from either a third person point of view or as themselves in first person point of view.

Once they have watched the movie they they will then step up to the screen and enter it.

Once they enter the screen, using it as a sort of portal into the desired parallel reality, they literally step, jump, or snap into their alter ego in that movie.

They then feel and think the way that version of themselves feels and run the movie again only this time they are in it and experiencing it as though it were happening.

This is a highly effective lucid dream shifting method for developing new beliefs and habits and for eliminating old unwanted ones. Many lucid dreamers claim it is also a very powerful way to shift realities and create the type of life you desire.

There is one drawback to using lucid dreaming reality shifting, namely developing false memories.

To avoid this happening to you be sure to review each of your lucid dreaming shifting sessions upon waking and remind yourself that the dream was a preview of what is to come not something that has already happened!

You just experienced the future. This way you will keep the type of faith needed to create the shift but ensure you don’t start confusing reality from your lucid dream memories.

I would love to hear your feedback on using this manifestation technique and your stories about any positive results you get from it. Drop me an email and, if you give me your permission, I will share your story with all my website visitors.

Learning lucid dreaming can be harder than shifting but is one of the most effective shifting methods

As I have outlined in a previous article trying to compare shifting to lucid dreaming has its roots in a misunderstanding of each of them.

Dream door to shifted reality

Shifting is not the same process as lucid dreaming. In fact most lucid dreams are not used as a manifestation tool.

However, if you do plan to use lucid dreaming for manifestation purposes then you may want to know if lucid dreaming is easier than shifting.

Lucid dreaming is harder to learn to do than shifting.

However, it is easier to get the results you desire from lucid dreaming than from shifting.

Shifting doesn’t work for most people while anyone can learn to lucid dream. Therefore we can say that lucid dreaming is easier than shifting.

Shifting involves meditation and visualization.

Meditation can be learned fairly quickly. Visualization is a process that we do naturally. Even those people who think they can’t visualize actually visualize on an hourly basis – think of your front door … you will always see an image as that is how we identify things. This is visualization at work.

Therefore all things considered we can say that shifting is fairly easy to do. It is an easy to apply technique.

However, the vast majority of people who try shifting cannot get it to produce the results that they want.

Therefore although it is easy to do, getting results from using shifting is difficult. In my view that makes shifting hard.

On the slip side, lucid dreaming can take persistent effort to learn how to do it.

Although there are are aids such as hypnosis, sleep masks, herbs and even lucid dreaming pills you must still be prepared to put in the effort to learn how to lucid dream. But, because everyone can learn this skill it is worth that effort and means that getting results from lucid dreaming are guaranteed if you put in the work.

So we can say that although lucid dreaming is harder to learn, because everyone can learn how to do it, and you get guaranteed results from it, lucid dreaming is easier than shifting.

By far the easiest and quickest way to learn how to lucid dream is to enroll in a proven lucid dreaming course. This eliminates the frustration and delayed results that are usually evident when you try to do it yourself.