May 10, 2024

Why Lucid Dream Hypnosis Doesn’t Work & What To Use Instead

Woman during lucid dreaming hypnosis

Lucid dreaming seems to be a difficult skill to master for some people. In truth though, anyone can lucid dream if they put enough effort into it and are willing to be persistent. But as with learning any new skill, using aids to help you reach your goal can be very helpful. With lucid dreaming one such aid is hypnosis.

But, with so many different lucid dreaming hypnosis titles available how do you know which one to choose or if you should even try this approach. Is hypnosis even effective for inducing lucid dreams?

Does lucid dreaming hypnosis work?

Current lucid dreaming hypnosis recordings rarely work because they do not follow the same template as normal self-hypnosis tracks.

Lucid dreaming hypnosis recordings are designed to be played while you fall asleep which has some major drawbacks.

However, there is a specific type of hypnosis can be very effective for lucid dreaming but only when used correctly. More on this later.

The advantage of using some lucid dreaming aids

There are a small group of people who are lucky enough to have lucid dreams naturally.

For the rest of us we need to learn this dream control skill.

Unfortunately though, some people find it difficult to learn how to lucid dream.

Even though anyone can lucid dream with the proper training, and it is actually much more common than you may think, for many people it takes a real concerted effort.

For some people a lot of persistence is needed before they have their first lucid dream.

Even then the work isn’t over as you will probably need to learn how to control the dream once you know how to become lucid in it.

Hypnotic watch

As I detailed in this article there are two types of lucid dreams: controlled lucid dreams and uncontrolled lucid dreams.

Although controlled and uncontrolled lucid dreams feel very similar and very real they are very different as far as your interaction with them goes.

Controlled lucid dreams are exactly what they sound like they are.

You have full control over every aspect of the dream and you can do anything you want in it and create anything you can imagine.

While uncontrolled lucid dreams are very vivid and lifelike and you remain fully conscious in them, you only have control over your actions in the dream and nothing else.

When you first start training your brain to enter the state of lucidity your lucid dreams will mostly likely be uncontrolled.

Although you will have full conscious awareness during the dream and realize that you are dreaming, a prerequisite to becoming lucid, you will probably lack any real control over the dreamworld.

This control only comes with training and can also be developed through certain lucid dreaming aids.

Obviously the time and effort needed to, first become lucid in your dreams and then to, gain full control over your dreams can cause frustration and impatience.

So it is no wonder many would-be lucid dreamers turn to lucid dreaming aids in an attempt to help them reach their goals.

While there some very dubious lucid dreaming aids on the market, like lucid dreaming masks for example, there are also some excellent resources and supplements that really do help.

This course and community is a great resource for learning how to lucid dream and how to gain the skills to become a master controlled-dreamer.

Likewise, both properly formulated lucid dreaming pills and specific dream herbs have been proven to be highly effective at inducing lucid dreams, especially when used with more standard induction techniques.

But what about lucid dreaming hypnosis? Can hypnosis help you reach your goal of controlled lucid dreaming?

To answer that question let’s first determine if hypnosis is even an effective tool for change in any area.

The effectiveness of hypnosis for programming the mind

Hypnosis has been used effectively as a tool for inner transformation for centuries. We can trace the use of forms of hypnosis back to ancient Greece and the ancient Egyptians.

Modern hypnosis is so effective that it has entered the mainstream as a form of contemporary medical treatment. It is even used by highly qualified mainstream medical practitioners for a myriad of uses from therapy to pain control.

As an aid for self-transformation hypnosis is also considered to be an effective route to take.

So how does hypnosis work to program the mind?

For the vast majority of people on this planet, hypnosis works through repetition.

The more often you go into trance and are subjected to the same, or very similar, post-hypnotic suggestions the more effective hypnosis becomes.

It is unlikely you will see immediate effect from just one hypnotic session or by listening only once to a self-hypnosis recording.

Although repetition is needed the results from using hypnosis can be life altering.

There are hundreds of different hypnosis titles for personal growth and self improvement that have been used to transform people’s lives in some very positive ways.

So, we cannot deny that hypnosis is a powerful tool. But, will it work to help you achieve your goal of becoming a lucid dreamer?

Unfortunately, there is no definite yes or no answer to this. I know, I know … that is a terrible answer! But it’s true.

If I was pushed to give a definitive answer to the question “do lucid dreaming hypnosis recordings work”, I would have to say “no”, but this is not strictly true. Let me explain.

I try my best to avoid giving uncertain answers to questions on this website but I must be truthful about the efficacy of hypnosis for lucid dreaming.

Using it is a hit-or-miss approach to achieving lucidity and controlled dreaming.

To understand why this is the case we must first look at how hypnosis works and why it may be possible for you to use a standard lucid dreaming hypnosis track as an aid to becoming lucid in your dream but why it is unlikely to work.

*Spoiler alert* There is a way to use standard self-hypnosis to help you achieve lucid dreaming. More on that later.

How lucid dreaming hypnosis works (or doesn’t work)

Although I am sure there are some great free lucid dreaming hypnosis recordings out there, I have yet to find one.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist but finding one that actually works would take more time and effort that I am willing to expend on it.

This especially applies to lucid dreaming hypnosis videos on YouTube. But, it is not just restricted to free stuff.

Even paid lucid dreaming hypnosis recordings fall very short of the mark in my opinion.

Unfortunately, lucid dreaming hypnosis tends to differ quite markedly from other standard hypnosis approaches.

Now, I should point out that when I am talking about lucid dreaming hypnosis I am referring to self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis merely refers to self-induced trance through either meditative-like practices or by using audio or video recordings to achieve trance. I am not talking about going to a trained hypnotherapist.

If you have the budget for such an approach it can be very effective.

Lucid dreaming self-hypnosis almost always comes in the form of audio hypnosis recordings.

Hypnotic mind programming

Even lucid dreaming video hypnosis merely has visuals added because these tracks are uploaded to a video platform such as YouTube.

This is in no way a problem as you can still close your eyes and simply listen to the audio.

But, there is a fundamental difference between standard self-hypnotic sessions and self-hypnosis for lucid dreaming.

The problem with most lucid dreaming hypnosis recordings

Using lucid dreaming hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone.

It isn’t so much that there is a problem with using hypnosis, or self-hypnosis, in and of itself as we know that it is a very effective tool for mind programming.

The problem lies in how most modern lucid dreaming hypnosis tracks are recorded.

A normal hypnotic recording will take the listener into trance, giving them post hypnotic suggestions for creating internal changes before the leading the listener back out of trance.

Over time, and with regular listening, changes start to take place within the listener that reflect the changes they desired to achieve from listening to the hypnosis.

It is the consistent and regular exposure to post-hypnotic suggestions while in trance that works the magic.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of lucid dreaming hypnosis recordings do not use this tried-and-tested, proven, hypnotic approach.

Instead of guiding the listener into trance and giving them post-hypnotic suggestions designed to help them develop the skill of lucid dreaming, modern lucid dreaming hypnosis tracks are designed to guide the listener into a state of sleep.

While asleep they are then guided to create a lucid dream experience.

You may already have identified the problem with this approach.

There are two basic problems with this approach. Namely:

  • The sleep is not the same as the trance state.
  • Repetition is needed for hypnosis to be effective and it is missing from lucid dreaming hypnosis recordings.

The sleep state and the trance state are very different.

In trance the hypnotic suggestion is not unconscious. They are in a heightened state of consciousness and are fully aware at all times.

In sleep a person is unconscious. This causes the first major problem with lucid dreaming hypnosis recordings as they are designed to put you to sleep.

Additionally, hypnosis is most effective when it is used regularly and consistently.

Through repetition hypnosis can program your mind for a multitude of amazing things.

Really good hypnosis recordings can create some profound changes in anyone and everyone. But to make those changes you must be willing to listen to your chosen track regularly until you see permanent change.

This is because you must saturate your mind with the post-hypnotic suggestions that make hypnosis so effective.

 Almost all lucid dreaming hypnosis recordings fail to take advantage of the power of post-hypnotic repetition.

Instead of listening to a standard hypnotic session with post-hypnotic suggestions that program your mind to lucid dream while you sleep. most lucid dreaming hypnosis tracks guide the listener into sleep and then attempt to guide them into a lucid dream experience while they sleep.

his means every time you listen to the track you are effectively starting again from scratch! It is also unlikely that your brain is even registering anything that is being said once you fall asleep.

I really have no idea why most lucid dreaming hypnotic recordings are made this way, especially when the evidence tends to point to the fact that they rarely work even though hypnosis is proven to be highly effective.

However, I do have to state that these type of recordings do work for some people.

Lucid dreaming hypnosis can work for a small percentage of the population – are you one of them?

Common lucid dreaming hypnosis recordings will work for people who are highly suggestible.

If you have ever been to a hypnosis show (I seen the British hypnotist Paul McKenna back in Ireland a few decades ago and he was brilliantly entertaining) you will have seen that a small percentage of the audience, about 2%, are highly susceptible to suggestion.

By telling the entire audience to clasp their hands closed, and then by giving hypnotic suggestions that they cannot open their hands unless they get up on stage, the hypnotist can identify his subjects for the show.

This 2% of the audience is representative of the population at large.

I should note that these highly suggestible people are not in any way more easily swayed than others nor are they in any way inferior to others.

In fact, evidence suggests that these hypnotically suggestible people are actually highly intelligent individuals.

Highly suggestible people just tend to be more right-brain oriented and much more creative than the average person making them the ideal hypnotic subject.

It is this type of highly suggestible person that standard lucid dreaming hypnosis will work for best.

If you do not fall into this category, which 98% of my readers will not, there is good news.

You can still use hypnosis effectively for training your brain to lucid dream. You just need to use a different type of hypnosis session and use it in a more creative way.

The Best Way To Use Hypnosis For Lucid Dreaming

Rather than using a standard lucid dreaming hypnosis track which has been designed to guide you into sleep, it is best to use a normal hypnosis track that guides you into trance, gives you post-hypnotic suggestions, and then guides you out of trance.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find such a hypnotic session for lucid dreaming.

This is frustrating but there are 2 simple ways around this problem.

The first is to make your own hypnotic recording on your phone and play it back to yourself.

If you have any technical skills, and you have access to an audio mixer, you can even use a professional hypnotic induction audio sequence and splice in your own post-hypnotic recording. Doing this you make your own powerful lucid dreaming hypnosis track.

If this sounds like too much work then you can always use a standard hypnosis audio.

Many hypnotic tracks are recorded to incorporate guided creative visualization sessions.

Visualization is just as powerful as, if not more powerful, than post hypnotic suggestions when used during a trance state.


We can take advantage of this for lucid dreaming mind programming.

By combining creative visualization and self-hypnosis you can avail of the effectiveness of both these powerful tools.

While you are hypnotized and in a trance state, you can visualize yourself successfully experiencing controlled lucid dreams.

When you visualize yourself becoming lucid in a dream, and see everything from first person point of view (i.e. from your own eyes), you will program your brain to wake you consciously when you dream.

Do this regularly and you will greatly speed up the lucid dreaming learning curve.

If you use hypnosis, in the correct way as outlined above, in conjunction with a good lucid dreaming course you cannot fail to succeed in your attempts.

Just be sure that you remain persistent in your efforts and stay consistent at performing your lucid dreaming tasks, like reality checks or induction techniques.

The Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis Recordings That Work Best

Below are some very effective hypnotic sessions you can use for lucid dreaming. Just be sure to keep in mind everything that I have outlined in this article so that you use your hypnotic track in a way that delivers real, tangible and measurable results.

Lucid Dreaming Guided Meditation. This is actually a self-hypnosis track and is of very high quality though again guides the listener into sleep.

Although it is designed to guide you into sleep the tracks are separated so you can skip the sleep induction and use the hypnotic suggestions.

Binaural Lucid Dreams Hypnosis. British hypnotherapists Glen Harold has created a very entertaining hypnosis session for lucid dreaming.

For those people who want to try the sleep induction approach this a great way to do it.

Bear in mind that hypnosis, and any other aid for lucid dreaming, will be most effective and fast-working if you use it with proven lucid dreaming induction techniques.

Once you have gained the ability to become lucid you then need to train yourself to become the main controlling element within the dream.

Training yourself to become lucid often isn’t enough to experience controlled dreaming.

You also need to learn dream-control skills that once acquired will make you a master lucid dreamer.

So, I always advise would-be lucid dreamers to make a small investment and get professional training and support from a community of other lucid dreamers.

Courses like this not only teach you how to lucid dream but they also help you to improve your dream control and teach you how to develop your lucidity skills so you can become omnipotent within your lucid dreams.

The aforementioned course is also attached to a strong online community of lucid dreamers who share their experiences and expertise to help each other get more from their lucid dream experiences.