June 2, 2024

This Is The Only Way To Make Lucid Dreaming Music Work

Woman listening to lucid dreaming music while sleeping

Due to the large and growing interest in lucid dreaming, there are more and more lucid dreaming aids becoming available. Some of them are good and some not so good. Lucid dreaming music is one of the latest crazes to hit the lucid dreaming scene.

The Truth About Lucid Dreaming Music & Lucid Dream Induction

Like lucid dream masks, lucid dreaming music is often touted as one of the best “innovations” for inducing lucidity.

But, with so many false promises made before with other products, like the Remee lucid dream mask for example, you will be forgiven for being very skeptical about lucid dreaming music.

Are lucid dreaming music recordings just as useless as most of the popular lucid dreaming masks?

Does lucid dreaming music work or is it all just hype?

Lucid dreaming music does not work if used as a lucid dream induction method on its own.

Although you will often hear, within a lucid dream, music that is being played in close proximity to your sleeping body, the music itself cannot induce the lucid dream.

However, it is possible to recognize specific music while you dream and use it as a lucidity trigger but this requires lucid dreaming training.

What’s more, you don’t even need specific music that has been recorded for lucid dreaming, any music will do!

Woman listening to lucid dreaming music

Let’s delve deeper into this subject and find out how you can use any song or musical piece to help you become lucid in your dreams.

How lucid dreaming music is supposed to induce lucid dreams

Before we go on I have to state quite clearly that lucid dreaming music does not work. At least it does not work in the sense that you think it should.

Lucid dreaming music is just one more overhyped lucid dreaming aid in a long list of lucid dreaming gimmicks that fail to deliver on their promises, a perfect example of these gimmicks is common lucid dreaming masks.

Most lucid dreaming products are designed to be marketed to people who want fast and guaranteed lucid dreaming results without having to put in any effort themselves.

Although there are some really good lucid dreaming aids, that actually work to help induce the state of dream lucidity, sleep herbs and lucid dreaming pills being the two most popular, you really need to use a lucid dream aid as an aid.

There is no product or technique for lucid dreaming that can guarantee you a lucid dream with no effort on your part – such products do not exist.

Hence, even if lucid dreaming music actually worked (which it doesn’t) it could not work to create lucid dreams for you, if you are not willing to put in some effort yourself.

However, lucid dreaming music cannot even help you achieve lucidity even if you are willing to put in the effort.

Lucid dreaming music doesn’t work because it is based on a flawed concept.

Lucid dreaming music is suppose to help you drift off to sleep and then guide you gently into the state of dream lucidity as you start to dream.

But music, of any kind, is simply not capable of doing that? I will show you why that is the case now.

Why lucid dreaming music cannot induce lucid dreams

In a lucid dream you have a very specific state of consciousness.

This state of lucid dreaming consciousness mirrors closely the state of consciousness you have during your waking hours.

Unlike the state of unconsciousness you usually have when in a regular normal dream.

Lucid dreaming music simply cannot be used to replicate or induce that specific state of awakened consciousness.

Even if certain lucid dreaming music were capable of altering your brainwaves (this type of music does exists and I will cover it shortly) it still cannot change your state of consciousness.

To be more exact and precise, it cannot change your level of conscious awareness.

How does this relate to lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming refers to the state of dreaming in which you are just as consciously aware and mentally awake as you are right now as you read these words.

When you become consciously aware in a dream you are experiencing dream lucidity.

Lucidity is triggered within a dream when the dreamer realizes that they are dreaming.

Becoming consciously aware that you are dreaming changes a normal regular dream into a lucid dream.

You literally become conscious within your dream.

This requires more than just a change in your brainwaves. It requires a change in consciousness and awareness.

But what about lucid dreaming music that contains binaural beats?

Binaural beats are believed to be able to alter your brainwaves and your state of consciousness, so surely binaural beats that are embedded in lucid dreaming music will work. Right?!

Well, let’s look at the flaw in that logic to see why even lucid dreaming that contains binaural beats falls short on its promises.

Why the same is true for lucid dreaming binaural beats

As I covered in the article can you lucid dream while listening to music it is possible to hear music, that is being playing close to your sleeping body, while you lucid dream (or even while having a regular dream).

However, we’ve seen that the music itself cannot cause the lucid dream to happen.

But what about music that contains special brainwave sounds … do lucid dreaming binaural beats work?

Lucid dreaming binaural beats do not work in the way they are marketed to work.

Binaural beats simply cannot induce lucidity in dreams. 

Binaural beats can alter brainwaves but this is not enough to make you lucid in your dreams.

Lucid dreaming is a learned skill for most people that requires training.

Anyone can become lucid in their dreams with the right tools but lucid dreaming music is not one of them!

Man having lucid dream while listening to music

Lucid dreaming has very definite and measurable causes, which I covered in this article.

Although there are changes in brain functions when we lucid dream these changes are a result of us becoming lucid in the dream – they are not the cause of it!

So, although it may be possible to closely mirror the brainwaves associated with lucid dreaming through the use of binaural beats, or isochronic tones, this is not enough to induce a lucid dream.

At best you will merely have a vivid and clear dream but you won’t automatically become lucid.

And, more often than not, listening to binaural beats as you fall asleep will have no effect on your dreams at all.

It is the state of your consciousness that determines whether or not you become lucid in our dreams not the brainwaves that you brain is producing.

Binaural beats are more likely to affect your mood when they entrain your brainwaves.

They are not designed to create lucid dreams.

However, even if a binaural beats recording did work, (which it won’t), that recording would merely induce the state of lucidity and nothing else.

Why is that a bad thing?

Well, becoming lucid in a dream is only part of lucid dreaming (at least in the sense that most people think of lucid dream).

When we first become lucid in a dream 9 times out 10 we will enter an uncontrolled lucid dream.

Merely becoming consciously aware in a dream is not enough to give you full control over it.

As I covered in the article why can’t I control my lucid dreams, there are 2 types of lucid dream: the controlled lucid dream and the uncontrolled lucid dream.

Uncontrolled lucid dreams are more common and it is only trained lucid dreamers who can guarantee control over all of their lucid dreams.

Even if binaural beats were capable of inducing lucid dreams they would only induce an uncontrolled lucid dream, thus defeating the entire purpose.

I have covered the subject of controlled and controlled lucid dreams several times on this website and so I will not venture down that path again here.

Just be aware that uncontrolled lucid dreams are not the type you want to experience because you can only control your own actions in this type of dream and nothing else.

This is why I always recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to lucid dream that they get proper training.

Becoming lucid in a dream is only one part of learning controlled dreaming (what most people term lucid dreaming).

Dream-control is a very important next step in the process of learning to lucid dream.

As well as learning how to induce lucidity within a dream you must also learn dream-control as this doesn’t come naturally to the vast majority of people.

A really good lucid dreaming course, like this one, will teach you how to become lucid and also how to take control of your lucid dreams.

If you want to know more about the difference between the two types of lucid dreams, and to understand why it is necessary to learn lucid dreaming techniques in order to have a controlled lucid dream, you should read this article.

A Clever Way To Use Music As A Lucidity Trigger

So, we’ve seen that lucid dreaming music and lucid dreaming binaural beats cannot induce controlled lucid dreams.

The type of lucid dream where you can do anything you want, and be with anyone you choose, go anywhere you like and where the dream can even help you reach your goals, cannot be induced through lucid dreaming music or lucid dreaming binaural beats recordings.

At best, and only on very rare occasions, you may awaken within an uncontrolled lucid dream where you are just as restricted as you are in the real world.

But, there is a very clever way that you can use music to trigger lucid dreams just not in the way lucid dreaming music composers who have you use it.

You don’t even need any special music. Any song, tune or theme will do.

Because we often carry with us into dreams things that are happening in the real world around us, it is possible for music to affect and influence our dreams.

By using music as a dream sign, to indicate to us that we are dreaming, it is possible to use a specific piece of music as a lucidity trigger.

If you train yourself during the day to use a reality check that centers on a specific piece of music, you will find that you will carry over this behavior into your dreams.

You won’t use the reality in every dream but you will use it eventually.

Let me explain how this works if you are new to using reality checks for lucid dreaming.

Each time, during the day while you are awake, that you hear a specific piece of music, pause for a second or two and ask yourself “Am I dreaming?”

Then look around at everything in your surroundings and try to identify anything strange.

Is anything out of place?

Is everyone really whom they appear to be or who they are suppose to be (i.e. does Uncle Jack look like an attractive 25  year-old Russian woman or a purple pygmy, when he is actually an overweight 55 year-old Metallica fan from Pittsburg)?

Are the laws of physics in operation or are strange and wonderful things happening around you?

Most times when you perform a reality check and ask yourself if you are dreaming the answer will be “no” as you will find that everything is as it should be.

Hence, you will know that you are not dreaming. In fact, 99% out of 100 you will know you aren’t dreaming even before you ask the question.

This may make the reality check seem like a silly exercise but, if you do this exercise regularly it has some powerful effects on your dreams.

If you continue to perform reality checks throughout the day and keep looking for strange phenomenon when you do them, something amazing happens.

Eventually you see something so out of place that you will instantly realize that you are dreaming and … boom! … you will become lucid within the dream.

Everything will become more clear and vivid and you will find yourself in a dreamworld feeling and thinking just the same way as you would if you were there in real life.

reality checks work because we tend to replicate habitual waking behaviors in our dreams.

When we make reality checks habitual throughout the day when we are awake we will start to perform them in our dreams as we sleep.

How does this apply to using music?

How to use music to trigger lucid dreams

I’m sure you’ve already worked that out but I will go over the process of using music as a lucidity trigger via reality checks anyway.

By playing the same piece of music throughout the day, or setting it to play automatically (or using it as your cell phone ringtone), you can use it as a reminder to perform a reality check.

Anytime you hear the music you must perform a reality check and look for anything that may indicate you are dreaming.

When you make this a habit while you are awake you will find that the habit transfers to your dream life.

Sleeping woman inducing lucidity with music

The next step is where the power of this reality check technique comes into play.

At night, or during the day if you work graveyard shift (yes, you can lucid dream during the day), set the same piece of music you’ve been using for your reality checks to play on repeat as you sleep.

Eventually (it may take several attempts), the music will seep into your dreams, and more often than not it will be incorporated into your dream.

Within the dream it will act as a reminder to you that you need to perform a reality check.

When you perform the reality check and notice that things are not exactly as they should be (which is always the case in a dream), you will realize that you a dreaming and become instantly lucid.

If you want more information on how to use reality checks to induce lucid dreams read the article reality checks.

This above technique is a clever way of using music to induce lucid dreams. But, remember this is only half the story.

You must learn how to control your lucid dreams as this skill does not come naturally to the vast majority of people even once they know how to induce a lucid dream.

So, how do you go about learning the key ingredient to successful lucid dreaming – dream control?

It is possible to learn how to induce lucid dreams by watching videos and reading blog posts (I just gave you one and there are a ton more).

However, you really need to be taught how to control your lucid dreams through a systematic process.

Even if you are fortunate enough to start exhibiting a certain amount of control in your lucid dreams when you first become lucid, you will not be experiencing the type of control you can only get through training.

This is why I advise every would-be lucid dreamer to invest in a course that will not just help them induce lucid dreams but that will guide them to become an omnipotent power within those dreams.

There are some great online resources out there, and some excellent books on the subject of controlled dreaming by some very knowledgeable lucid dreamers. But sometimes taking a course in lucid dreaming is better than just reading a book.

I personally recommend this specific course because not only does it contain a fantastic training program for inducing lucidity at will, but it also teaches you advanced dream-control techniques and it’s cheap.

So what are you waiting for … go live out your fantasies, improve your real world skills and have fun while you sleep!