June 4, 2024

Is Lucid Dreaming Worth The Effort? Yes, And Here’s Why

Effort being used to lucid dream - WBTB

Unless you are a spontaneous lucid dreamer, who naturally experiences these vivid life-like and controlled dreams, you will have to put in some effort to learn how to lucid dream. This can be a turn off for some people. But is lucid dreaming worth the effort?

Learning to lucid dream is well worth the effort. As well as being able to live out your fantasies, lucid dreaming offers other benefits such as better sleep and perfecting real-world skills. Once you learn how to lucid dream very little effort is required to enter dream lucidity.

How much effort is required to lucid dream?

Once you know how to induce a lucid dream, and have your first lucid dreaming experience, very little effort is required to do it again.

In fact, most frequent lucid dreamers find that they will have lucid dreams naturally without trying even if they had to initially learn the skill.

Spontaneous lucid dreamers never have to exert any effort to have a lucid dream but they have no control over when they have one or how often they have one.

Trained lucid dreamers, on the other hand, can have lucid dreams whenever they want.

Someone who has trained themselves to lucid dream will often use specific techniques to deliberately induce a lucid dream to give them more control over when they have them.

As spontaneous lucid dreaming has no pattern to its frequency.

You can have a spontaneous lucid dream every night for 2 weeks and then go a month without having any or vice-versa.

Using a lucid dreaming induction technique can guarantee an experienced lucid dreamer will have a lucid dream.

The great thing about learning techniques for inducing lucid dreams means that once you have acquired the skill of lucid dreaming you are able to have a lucid dream any time you desire.

There are very simple induction techniques that can be used to induce a lucid dream.

Experienced lucid dreamers will use one or more of these techniques to program their mind to enter a state of lucidity before they fall asleep.

Once learned, lucid dreaming because almost effortless.

The real effort of lucid dreaming lies in learning how to do it in the first place.

Let’s take a look at how much effort is involved in learning to lucid dream.

The effort required to learn lucid dreaming

How much effort do you need to learn how to lucid dream?

The effort required to learn to lucid dream varies from person to person.

Some people lucid dream on the first try while others take months to acquire the skill.

Most people fall somewhere in-between these two extremes but only if they are persistent in their efforts.

Most people will need to try more than one lucid dreaming technique before they find one that works for them.

This is not because only one technique will work for you but simply because not all techniques will suit your lifestyle.

For example, the WBTB technique (Wake Back to Bed) does not work for me because once I wake-up I stay awake and can’t get back to sleep regardless of what time it is.

In truth, it is not so much the technique that guarantees lucid dreaming success, it is you.

The biggest factor to success when it comes to learning how lucid dream is persistence.

You must be persistent in your efforts, to lucid dream, by diligently applying whatever technique you are using regularly.

A regular routine of doing the lucid dreaming exercises is really the only way to guarantee you start lucid dreaming.

By practicing lucid dreaming techniques on a daily basis you greatly increase your chances of having a lucid dream every time you sleep.

There is effort involved in learning to lucid dream and it usually takes time to have your first lucid dream no matter what you are told on YouTube or anywhere else.

Spoiler alert: you can only guarantee a lucid dream when you are an experienced lucid dreamer.

But the effort you use to lucid dream and the time it takes to acquire the skill is totally worth it. And, the effort involved is not that great.

The reason most people fail to lucid dream is simply because they lack the determination to regularly use the lucid dreaming techniques that have been proven to work – even though those techniques are both simple and easy to use.

How long does it take to lucid dream?

So, how long will it take you to learn how to lucid dream?

Most people will have their first lucid dream within 1-3 weeks if they use lucid dreaming techniques daily.

However, some people will lucid dream on the first try while others may wait months.

Perfecting the skill of lucid dreaming can take years.

The truth is that the more effort you put into using your lucid dreaming techniques, the faster you will see results.

The great thing about these lucid dreaming techniques is that there are quite a few of them with each one designed for different circumstances and situations.

This means it is easy to find a specific technique that is suited to you and your lifestyle making it easier to follow a regular routine of using them.

There is even better news in the fact that most lucid dreaming techniques are simple to learn and easy to use.

Once you find a technique that fits your lifestyle and personality all you have to do is follow a routine of using it and you will eventually experience your first lucid dream.

Can you speed up the process of learning to lucid dream?

What is the fastest way to lucid dream?

Contrary to popular opinion there is no one technique that is fastest for inducing your first lucid dream.

You must be willing to put in the effort of learning the skill by following an induction technique until it works.

This usually takes 1-3 weeks.

There are a few techniques that seem to work very fast for some people. But because everyone is different it is simply not possible to guarantee a person that they will have their first lucid dream within a specified time frame.

You have to put in the effort but as this article points out, it is well worth that effort!

If you want to have your first lucid dream quicker, and be able to induce lucid dreams whenever you want you, should consider getting a cheap but effective lucid dreaming course. A good lucid dreaming course teaches you the process of learning this exiting skill in 20 days or less.

Now, 20 days may sound like a long time to some readers but trust me, if you are finding it difficult to lucid dream then you could waste months trying to have your first lucid dream.

I literally spent years trying to lucid dream simply because I was trying to do it myself in a half-hearted manner (pre-internet days).

Once I bought a course and followed the advice in it, I had my first lucid dream within 2 weeks!

Does lucid dreaming get easier?

So once you have your first lucid dream does it get easier to lucid dream again?

After your first lucid dream, lucid dreaming gets easier.

In fact, with every lucid dream you have, the next one will be easier to have and, if you practice some simple techniques, each time you lucid dream you will have more control over the dream.

Entering a lucid dream gets easier every time you do it but you will only gain more control over your lucid dreams, to get the most out of them, if you learn specific techniques and practice using them.

For example, you can actually extend the length of your lucid dreams and also learn how to use them in really creative and exciting ways by learning advanced techniques.

Is it worth putting that effort in?

Lucid dreaming is well worth the effort! The multitude of benefits that lucid dreaming offers well outweighs the initial effort you have to put in in order to learn the skill of lucid dreaming.

We spend a third of our lives asleep and for most of us, this time is lost.

Although the role that dreaming plays in the psyche is still a fairly unknown, (though there are theories), it is generally accepted that dreaming is extremely beneficial to both mind and body.

It seems dreaming offers us many health benefits.

However, on a conscious level the time spent sleeping is unproductive for many people and is simply looked upon as lost time.

Some people do not even get the pleasure of remembering their dreams and inaccurately believe they do not dream at all.

So, imagine if you could take a portion of that time spent in sleep and use it productively.

Imagine being able to live out your fantasies as though you were experiencing them in real life.

How cool would that be?

And, what is even cooler is that in a lucid dream you are not bound by the laws of physics or even possibilities.

Whatever you can imagine, you can experience in a lucid dream … and it all feels like real life!

But, the benefits of lucid dreaming go way beyond just having fun …

… making the effort of learning how to do it priceless!

Let’s take a look at the many benefits lucid dreaming offers to show you why learning how to do it is well worth the effort.

The benefits of learning to lucid dream

So you want to know if lucid dreaming is worth the effort?

Well, here are some of the main benefits you can get from lucid dreaming that should convince you that learning this skill is well worth the effort required.

8 Amazing benefits of lucid dreaming:

  • Controlled real-world experiences. You get to control a dreamworld that feel reals with real characters and objects. You even get to control the laws of your dream Universe.
  • Fantasy experiences. You can experience anything you want with anyone you want.
  • Meet deceased relatives or famous people. Because you have full control over the dreamworld, and everything in it, you can meet anyone you like.
  • Improved real-world skills. Lucid dreams can be used to improve real-world skills and learn new skills.
  • Unlock creativity. Having access to the subconscious mind, in a lucid dream, means you can unlock creative aspects of your mind and body that have been hidden.
  • Greater awakened awareness. Dream lucidity tends to lead to more conscious awareness in the waking state i.e. more waking lucidity.
  • Banish nightmares. By becoming lucid you have the ability to control nightmares, change them, learn from them or simply wake yourself up from them.
  • Utilize lost time in sleep. We sleep a third of our lives away. Lucid dreaming makes some of this sleep time productive time.

These are just some of the many benefits of lucid dreaming.

Why not put in the effort to learn lucid dreaming so you can see for yourself just how much fun it is and just how much your life can change in positive and exciting ways from using it.