June 12, 2024

Lucid Dreaming Course Step 3: Reality Checks

Any would-be lucid dreamer no doubt wants to know if there is an easy way to become lucid.

Well there is and it’s called “spontaneous realization”.

finger through palmHere’s how it works: Your day might seem like any other ordinary one.

You find yourself doing normal things as the day just flows along normally.

Then suddenly everything around you changes dramatically.

Reality seems to melt away as fantastic images are presented to you along with characters straight out of fairy tales.

There can only be one conclusion and that is that you’re dreaming.

Once this realization occurs, your dream becomes as real as any other moment of your waking life.

You are now in total control and you decide what comes next in the dream.

You’re finally experiencing lucid dreaming and you need to make the most of that moment when you have absolute control.

Making the Realization Happen

Now how do you make this type of realization happen?

Well up to this point, while you were dreaming you will have believed that what you were experiencing was real.

This is the one thing that keeps a dream totally uncontrolled.

Any time a dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming they have the choice to become lucid and take control.

It is possible that you have had a spontaneous realization that you were dreaming before but never went lucid; this is because you simply did not know that you had the choice.

Dream realization is the key to becoming lucid and once it happens you merely have to make the conscious decision to take full control and it will happen automatically.

For you to trigger this type of dream realization deliberately you need to use a technique that I have referred to in previous lessons known as the “reality check”.

Reality Checks

do a reality checkDreams can be considered as a type of artificial reality.

Although they are merely representations of electrical impulses simulated by the brain they feel extremely real. Your perception of your dream becomes your reality for that moment.

In fact when you become lucid your dreams are often more vivid, colorful and life-like than the real world!

In most dreams it is almost impossible to distinguish your environment from the real world around you in your normal waking life.

That’s because the experience is almost identical.

Even the most strange and bizarre occurrences in dreams are not enough to interrupt the dreamer’s belief that what is happening is real.

This is why we need a way to identify when we are dreaming. To do this we use “reality checks”.

Reality Checks

It is important that you learn about reality checks.

A reality check is exactly what it sounds like.

You check to see if what is happening is real or not.

Oftentimes in dreams things are out of place and strange events occur.

These are clear signs that you are dreaming.

For example trying to walk through a concrete wall in the real world will achieve nothing.

However, if you find yourself walking through a wall then you can be sure that you are dreaming.

Seeing someone you know well and talking to them face-to-face in your house when you know that they are living half way across the world is an example of an out of place event that may also indicate that you are dreaming.

Basically you use reality checks to determine if you are dreaming or not.

Whenever you see anything that seems even slightly odd ask yourself “Am I dreaming?”.

Do this often during the day.

It can be challenging at the start to find things out of place in the real walking world (because everything will most likely be in place). But, it is essential you do reality checks anyway as they are the key to your first deliberate lucid experiences.

I advise that you do anywhere between 10 to 20 reality checks each day.

Just make sure that they are spread throughout your day as you ask yourself if what you are currently experiencing is actually a dream.

If you wear a watch look at the time, then look away and look again.

Has the time changed dramatically? Is the clock face acting strangely?


Doing your daily reality checks will form a habit. This habit will be be transferred into your dream life.

If ever you find yourself in an extremely weird or seemingly impossible situation, all you need to do is to reality check.

If you see anything out of place, do a reality check.

Eventually you will do a reality check in a dream and realize that you are dreaming.

You will then become lucid instantaneously.

So start reality checking right now … as in right now.

Repeat it again after an hour has passed and then keep going.

Until net time … keep practicing.

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