May 27, 2024

Lucid Dreaming Course Step 4: Calm it Down

One key to successful lucid dreaming is relaxation. When you can relax fully before drifting off to sleep you have a much better change of entering a state of lucidity.

So, would you like to learn how you can relax so deeply and so completely that you can’t feel your body anymore?

If “yes” then I have some great news for you; you can experience profound relaxation and there’s no need for you to enter any isolation tank to achieve it.

Shutting Down The Bio-Computer

You’re going to learn how to shut out all physical sensory input so you have no distractions, either mental or physical.

bio-computerSome people worry about the possible consequences of shutting themselves off from all outside stimuli but you need not worry about doing this as it is completely harmless and in fact is extremely beneficial to both mind and body.

A great side-effect of learning to relax yourself in this manner is that doing it prior to sleep means you’re much more likely to enter lucidity and enjoy some of the most vivid lucid dreams you’ll ever experience.

Another great benefit is that it’s completely effortless but also very stress-relieving. Don’t just limit yourself to performing this relaxation technique prior to sleep.

Do it anytime you feel like relaxing or want to rejuvenate your body or mind.

States of Relaxation

How do you achieve the state of perfect relaxation? You may be surprised to know that the answer to this question often varies from person to person.

Some people might say that they achieve perfect relaxation by spending time “chilled-out” out with loved ones while others might say that lying in bed reading a good book is the way to a relaxed state while still others prefer to have a glass or two of wine at the end of a busy day.

Although these types of relaxed states have their place the type of relaxation you are about to learn penetrates a much deeper level of mind and body than the usual activities you use to unwind.

Let me introduce you to a kind of relaxation that goes way beyond any state that you’ve experienced before.

The following technique allows you to completely separate yourself from the realities and worries of this world.

It is a form of ancient meditation that will, not only enrich your body and mind connection while revitalizing you on all levels but will also, serve as a gateway to the world of lucid dreaming.


Achieving Physical Relaxation

To achieve physical relaxation, you have to go through a process.

relaxLie down somewhere comfortable, preferably in a darkened room that’s free from noise.

Start taking deep slow breaths. Breathe in a way that is slow and deep but comfortable for you.

Too much emphasis is placed on teaching people how to breathe deeply when in reality we all know how to do it as we’ve been breathing since birth.

So just breathe deep and slowly and allow your body to start to relax.

As you lie there focused on your breath start to focus on each individual muscle group from your feet upwards and look for tension.

You will be surprised that when you just place your attention of a certain muscle group just how tense you really are.

For example focus on your shoulders, neck or back while reading this and you will probably notice a bit of tension there.

The simple act of becoming conscious of this tension is often enough to let it go.

Starting at the bottom with your feet focus on your toes and ankles. If there is any tension there just relax those muscles.

You can also deliberately tense the muscles and then release that tension if this helps you to feel the contrast between the two states.

Next move up to your shins, then your thighs, up to your waist, chest, shoulders and neck and then to your head, face and scalp.

As you get to each body part, make sure it has your full attention and that you fully relax it before moving on.

Gentle and rhythmic breathing can really help you attain perfect relaxation but if focusing on your breathing and relaxing your muscles seems too much just let yourself breath normally.

Remember, you must should try not to move the body part that is already relaxed as you focus on another muscle group – though small movements are fine.

After about 10 minutes your whole body will be enjoying the deepest relaxation you have ever felt before. And yet you’ve only just scratched the surface because there’s still so much more.


Adding Mental Relaxation

Now that your body is fully relaxed the time has arrived for you to progress to mental relaxation.

What happens when you close your eyes when you’re tired when your mind moves from the normal Beta brainwave state through the Alpha brainwaves state and into the Theta brainwave state?

theta brainwavesWell, if you are like 99% of the population you will see swirling patterns that you can observe against your eyelids or will start to see images of things that happened during your day or will just start imagining scenes that have the same consistency as memories.

This “theta imagery” is perfect for helping you shift your focus from the waking world into the surreal dream world.

By relaxing your body in the manner described above you can deliberately enter this Theta brainwave state and use your imagination to enter a state of lucidity.

By planning ahead of time what you will dream about you can create the mental images associated with this dream while you are in a relaxed Theta-like state. These images will burst into life as your brain and body fall asleep and into the dream-state while you remain fully conscious.

Although you may not succeed the first time you try this repeated practice will lead you into a state of lucidity.

The fist few times you will probably lose control of your mental imagery and allow your thoughts to wonder just before your body falls asleep. This is normal.

After a few attempts (or more) you will get the hang of staying awake inside your head.


What If You Can’t Relax?

The most common hurdle beginners face with using this technique is reaching a state of relaxation. This is often due to their incessant inner monologue.

Most people just don’t know how to switch off their overactive brains long enough to relax their body.

There are lots of ways to distract yourself from your inner voice. One simple trick is to count slowly backwards in your mind in threes, starting from one hundred.

Another tactic is to focus on your slow breathing, and every time your inner voice chimes in with a distracting thought, just let that thought drift past like a solitary cloud in an otherwise empty sky.

Crucially, your aim is to fall asleep physically (shut down the sensory signals) while remaining awake mentally (staying conscious as the dream scene emerges).

If that sounds alien at this stage don;t worry about it – you are not alone. Falling asleep consciously takes practice and determination, but is a skill that anyone can master.

Your homework for this lesson is to go to bed a little earlier than usual for the next few nights so you can practice this technique.

If you awaken during the night perform your relaxation exercises again (it’s actually easier to induce a lucid dream at this time just after awakening and just before returning to sleep).

Open yourself up to this blissful meditation experience and be prepared for your first lucid dream experience.

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