May 27, 2024

15 Fabulous Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

lucid dreaming benefits

The general perception among non-lucid dreamers is that lucid dreaming is just for fun. Even though it might be an engrossing experience, and it certainly does offer a vast array of opportunities for fun based experiences, there are quite a few other benefits of lucid dreaming which most of the people do not know about.

Why Lucid dream?

The advantages of experiencing lucidity in your dreams are plentiful but to keep this post to a readable length I have included below the top 15 benefits of lucid dreaming.

1. Creativity

Many experienced lucid dreamers will create the plots of their dreams in advance of going to sleep.

It is though techniques like dream induced lucid dreaming or awakened dreams, you are able to create the plot in advance.

Surreal lucid dreaming landscapeThis ability to prescript your dream can fuel your creativity to all new level.

In order to make the dream world life-like the subconscious mind will create vivid and realistic environments that, as a lucid dreamer, the Oneironaut can mold and shape everything around him/her into anything he or she wants.

This very act of being able to tear down, build up and recreate the world around you, while simultaneously witnessing your own subconscious creativity (through the environment already created by your subconscious mind) can work the “creative muscle” and really hone the creative skills of the dreamer.

This creativity and ability to think in creative ways will translate into the real world.

Creativity is taken to an all new level as you are the script creator of your lucid dream and that is why this advantage is number 1 on our list of 15 Fabulous Benefits of Lucid Dreaming.

2. Complete Freedom

Lucid dreaming provides you with complete freedom during the dream.

In the real world we are subject to certain immutable laws of creation. In the dream world these laws can be bent or even broken. In fact they can even be replaced.

As a lucid dreamer can control every aspect of the dream world, including the environment, the characters encountered and even their own appearance and abilities, they thus have complete freedom to do, have and experience anything and everything they want.

Lucid dreamers are free from any physical, emotional or mental restraints they experience in the waking world.

3. Allowing you to travel between dimensions

When you are lucid dreaming, you have complete control over the dream.

You will be able to defy physics in order to travel between dimensions.

This helps you explore unlimited opportunities even though; they are just in your dream.

There is some debate as to whether you are actually accessing real dimensions or just creating them in your own mind.

Many people believe astral travel, or spirit travelling, to be different from lucid dreaming while others believe that lucid dreaming is just an extension of these phenomena.

4. Help Achieving Goals

Let’s face it, reaching our goals is not easy.

Even though there are many courses, books and videos that teach formulas for goal achievement actually attaining a cherished goal takes hard work and dedication.

Obviously a lucid dreamer can easily experience goal achievement by simply creating a dream that reflects that scenario. But lucid dreams can actually be used to help you attain your goals in the waking world.


achieve your goal through lucid dreamingIf you have a desire then the odds are very much in your favor that you already know how to achieve that desire – at least at a subconscious level.

You see when we have a desire we tend to think about it a lot and we become conscious of things around us that reflect that desire – such as people who have already achieved it.

We tend to read about it and watch videos/tv programs/movies about it etc.

All this information is stored in the subconscious mind for processing. Within that information, almost always, lies the blueprint for actually attaining the desire.

In lucid dreams you can have full access to your powerful subconscious mind.

By using your lucidity to identify what habits you need to develop and which actions you need to take in order to achieve your goal.

Then by practicing the habits and actions you need to take in the real world to achieve the goal you seek within the dream world you will gain valuable experience.

These dream experiences then help imbue the qualities you need into your psyche at a subconscious level so that when you go to perform the tasks in the waking world they are much easier for you.

The secondary benefit of doing this is increased self-confidence and belief in your own abilities to achieve the goal.

Thus, practicing lucid dreaming can actually make your work  to achieve your goals much easier.

5. Sexual Fulfillment & Greater Libido

A large portion of lucid dreamers will often use some of their dreams to experiences physical intimacy with famous people, or with people whom they could otherwise not be able to interact with on that level of intimacy.

Obviously being able to have relations with someone who would be otherwise out of reach has its own benefits.

In addition to that, because performing actions in the dream world can reprogram your subconscious mind to help you perform those actions better when you are awake, having sexual fantasy lucid dreams can increase your libido.

It can also improve your sex life in the waking world dramatically.

6. Gain More Meaning in Your Life

Contrary to the common belief that lucid dreamers enjoy their dreams more than the waking real world lucid dreamers more often than not discover a new meaning to life.

When you have the ability to experience anything you want in an environment that feels 100% real while simultaneously having complete control over everything happening you soon start to understand that there is more to life than materiality.

This gives them a search bigger purpose while it also makes them excited about life and its possibilities.

While lucid dreaming about your desires will undoubtedly give you the motivation to work towards them in the waking world, it will also give you a more balanced, dare I say “spiritual”, view about what attaining those desires means to your overall life.

7. Uncover Your True Self

We have already seen in benefit #4 that lucid dreaming can be a powerful tool for personal development.

However, as a self-improvement tool lucid dreaming is second to none.

Life's MeaningMany lucid dreamers will use their dream time to delve into the deepest parts of their own mind to uncover and heal past emotional wounds or simply to program themselves with more attractive positive character qualities.

Have you ever considered being psycho-analysed by Sigmund Freud or Carl Young?

Perhaps you’d prefer to merely call forth your subconscious mind and make it take human form so you can talk to it (it can even be your doppelganger).

You can also make certain emotions or past traumas take specific shape and either eliminate them or dissolve them with love (much more powerful and healing).

Likewise you can summon your best attributes to find out how to improve them or strengthen them.

This is a great way to deal with issues where expressing your innermost feelings can be difficult or painful.

8. Improving on Real-life Skills

dream practice makes perfectJust because it’s a dream does not mean that it would not impact your real-life behavior. Many times, lucid dreamers are able to practice their hobbies in the lucid dreams.

This would actually help them in exploring their hobby more in real life as well.

Also, they would be able to use their muscle memory from the lucid dreams in order to improve their real-life skills as well.

Thus, the improvement of muscle memory is one of the effects of lucid dreaming on the brain.

9. Overcoming Fear & Nightmares

Everyone experiences fear in their dreams at one time or another.

Nightmares are common occurrence and every human will experience them. Some nightmares are mild while others are so extremely stressful that they are known as Night Terrors.

While night terrors often require medical assistance most nightmares can be easily eradicated through lucid dreaming; when you can control every aspect of a dream a nightmare can hold no fear for you.

An addition to being able to stop a nightmare in its tracks lucid dreaming can also be used to treat phobias and other fears that you have the waking world.

To learn about lucid nightmares and how to control them, or even avoid them entirely, go here.

10. Meeting a Deceased Loved One

Who of us who have lost a cherished love one would not love to spend another day with them?

in a lucid dream you can meet a deceased love one

Lucid dreamers are often able to cherish their older memories by meeting their deceased loved ones in a past setting and reliving a beloved memory.

Likewise you can meet a deceased loved one in a new setting and have a new experience with them.

This is also very beneficial if you have unresolved issues with a person who has “moved-on”.

In a similar way that was outlined in benefit 7 you can summon (excuse the pun) the deceased person and interact with them to help resolve your issue.

11. Exploring Our Own Boundaries

Many times, we are not able to delve into our subconscious thoughts. However with lucid dreaming this is completely possible.

You have complete freedom when it comes to lucid dreaming. This ensures that you are able delve into your inner thoughts in order to find out your own boundaries.

In a dream, you will be able to push past those boundaries as well in order to make yourself mentally stronger.

12. Seeing the World from a New Point of View

Even though, lucid dreamers know that what they are experiencing is just a dream when they enter lucidity the experiences can change them internally at a very deep level.

As we explored in Benefit 6, where I discussed how you can find new meaning to life through lucid dreaming (when you use it that way), likewise you can start to see the world from a new and more positive perspective with the aid of lucid dreaming.


empathetic understanding through lucid dreamingWell, have you ever wondered why another person acts the way they do or behaviors in a certain manner?

As you have already learned your subconscious mind is extremely powerful and stores much more information that you are consciously aware of.

Just as your subconscious mind can help you reach your goals because it already know how to do it (Benefit 4) it has also picked up on all the non verbal and verbal clues about the meaning behind other people’s behavior.

You can access that knowledge!

Seeing things from another person’s point of view can not only make you better equipped to deal with them and the situations you share with them but it can also make you a better friend, lover and person in general.

It can also help you emotionally deal with behaviors that would otherwise cause a negative reaction in you.

It’s much easier to be understanding and patient with a person who is behaving negatively towards you when you understand their motivations at a deep emotional level. You see most people do things out of self-protection not because they are bad people.

This can also make you a much more positive person.

13. Better sleep

With the help of lucid dreaming, you will be able to better control your sleeping cycles.

We all know the negative physical (and mental) effects of waking several times during the night due to an upsetting dream or simply because we are having a disruptive night’s sleep.

As a lucid dreamer you will be able to start and sustain a lucid dream over long periods thus also ensuring your body stays at rest and gets the recuperation it needs.

Lucid dreaming helps you maintain a restful physical state throughout the night.

14. Personal Reflection

Your lucid dreams can help you reflect on your personality and on your past life choices. Doing this can help you better understand your own motivations so you can strengthen things in yourself that you feel are positive and work-through things that you believe are negative.

They will also help you in self-analyzing as well.

This ensures that you are able to improve yourself as you would be able to know your own shortcomings and strengths more easily.

15. Reduced anxiety

With the help of lucid dreams, you can reduce any type of anxiety.

For example, take social anxiety as an example. In a completely 100% controlled environment, like a lucid dream, you can easily face anxious situations without the risk of any adverse effects.

15 lucid dreaming benefitsYou can then easily face the situations which you normally run away from in your dream.

Not only will this help in reducing the anxiety when you face similar situations in real life but by working up slowly to situations that you do not control (by pre-programming your dream to be spontaneous and trusting your subconscious mind t create scenarios that you whelp you grow) you can start to overcome your fears.

I believe that as a type of self-improvement tool lucid dreaming gives you much better control over your own personal growth and I feel this is one of the main advantages of learning to lucid dream.

Lucid Dreaming Has Many Advantages Past Just Fantasy Fulfillment

As I mentioned before many of the people falsely believe that lucid dreams are nothing more than fun things that offer ways to live out your fantasies.

While lucid dreaming certainly offers endless opportunities to experience just about anything you ever wanted to experience they offer the lucid dreamer much, much more than just that.

The truth is that lucid dreaming has multiple advantages which most of the people do not take into account.

The 15 advantages I have given above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of controlling your dream world.

As you practice lucid dreaming and become more proficient at it you can be sure that you will be able to broaden your understanding of the subject and I’m sure you will be able to add many more benefits to the ones I have mentioned here.

So, if you aren’t lucid dreaming yet … what is keeping you?

Try this advanced lucid dreaming training that also has a very active community of lucid dreamers who help each other get more from their nighttime adventures.