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4 Top Rated Mattresses. Lucid mattress review

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Mattresses play a very important role when it comes to having a sound and pleasant sleep. But a bad night’s sleep isn’t the only problem you may have to deal with due to an inferior mattress. A poor quality mattress may be responsible for chronic back pain and a lot of other health issues. It is important to have a high quality mattress, not only to ensure proper sleep but also to remain fit and healthy.


Top 4 Mattresses reviewed

In this article, we discuss the four top rated mattresses for 2018. We choose 2 Lucid mattress over other brands because it’s mattresses provide quality and comfort like no other and at affordable prices as well. With the information we provided you with in the article, you can compare different types of mattresses and choose the one that fits your needs and preferences the best.

If you want the best quality mattress and nothing less than the best, then Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress is your best bet and is out top pick.

Restful sleep starts with your mattressIt is manufactured using 100% natural latex and has been rated #1 latex mattress of 2018. The layers are not glued nor do they contain any harmful chemicals that might turn out to be sensitive for your skin.

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress also strives to take care of your body ache and is comprised of four special layers.

If you’re looking for a plushy experience when it comes to mattresses then Lucid 14″ Memory Foam mattress and Lucid 16″ Memory Latex Foam Mattress are a good choice. The Open Cell Technology makes sure that there are no lasting body impressions and the mattress stays durable for a longer period of time. They are both great options.

We have also covered a mattress for overweight individuals. If you weigh between 300 – 400 lbs then your best choice is the Comfort Max 400, an amazing product with several benefits.

The ultra cell high resiliency (HR) foam and Talalay latex make sure that this mattress provides you with great support, no matter how heavy you are. Read the complete article for more details on all these choices below.

We have covered everything from basic features to warranty information to price details. We have also prepared a comparison chart with all elements mentioned on it to help you pick the right mattress for your needs.

Avoidable Morning Pains

Mattresses problems may haunt you in a myriad of ways not least of which comes in the form of back pain. If back pain, due to a poor choice of mattress, is not addressed it may turn chronic if you fail to take the right steps.

A bad mattress can cause morning back painOn the bright side, if you do experience back pain due to mattress problems the fix is reasonably easy and the positive results will be fast and permanent if you fix the root problem in time.

A good mattress can not only help avoid the usual morning back, neck and join pains but it can also help to keep you healthy, decrease your stress levels and energize you to start your day positively the minute you wake up.

There’s no strenuous science behind this, it’s simple, a good quality mattress lets you sleep in a normal and comforting position while promoting relaxed muscles and deep sleep.

But before you jump on your favorite internet browser or hop in the car to visit your local mattress store you should know that there are several factors that need to be considered before buying a new mattress.

It is essential to choose a mattress that provides you with the comfort that you need; a mattress that is great for one person may in fact be teh worst possible choice for you due to your differing physical make-up and/or sleeping habits.


Knowing What YOU Need From a Mattress

This post will help you out to choose a mattress that fits your needs the best. Although it is generally understand that a form mattress offers the best support for a great night sleep and a pain-free morning there is no generic firmness that suits all.

In this post, we will be discussing four top rated mattresses. These mattresses offer the same amount of fantastic support and give the same great sleep benefits equally well but differ enough to suit the individual needs of our readers.

Our reviews focus on the price tag, the quality of the product and the distinctive features and benefits of each mattress. For ease of use we have also added a comparison chart under the review section below.

This review is going to discuss ‘Lucid’ mattresses in details, and for the right reasons.
Why you wake up with back pain and how to fix it.

The 4 Mattresses

#1 The 16 inch Lucid Plush Mattress

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Lucid Plush Mattress
The Lucid Plush mattress design. 16″ on Amazon
  • Ultra plush comfort with a 10-inch support layer
  • Latex and memory foam layer provide support and pressure relief
  • Bamboo charcoal memory foam quilted in a breathable TENCEL blend cover
  • Open cell technology prevents lasting body impressions
  • Conveniently boxed and shipped for easy setup
  • Available in different sizes from standard twin to California King

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#2 The 14 inch Lucid Plush Mattress

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lucid plush 14 inch
The Lucid Plush 14″ on Amazon uses the same technology as the 16″
  • Dual memory foam layers on top of a supportive base create a plush feel
  • 1-inch bamboo charcoal memory foam layer is quilted into a soft Tencel blend cover.Bamboo charcoal layer eliminates odors, perfect for sleepers with allergies
  • Plush, gel-infused memory foam hugs curves to relieve pressure, with ventilated design for better airflow and temperature
  • Foam is CertiPUR-US certified for safety
  • Conveniently boxed and shipped for easy set up; 25-year warranty
  • Available in different sizes from standard twin to California King

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#3 The Comfort Bariatric Mattress Designed for 300 – 400 lbs People

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Comfort Bariatric Mattress
Specially Designed for People Weighing 300 – 400 lbs on Amazon
  • Specially Designed to Support Heavier Body Weights 300 – 400 lbs, Mattress Only
  • Premium Micro-Lux Cotton Blend Fabric Cover
  • Premium Latex for comfortable, durable support: 5” of 36 ILD Talalay latex
  • Non-Fatiguing UltraCell High Resiliency Base Foam Support
  • NOT FOR DELIVERY TO CA, CT, or RI. 10 Year Warranty

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#4 PlushBeds 10 inch – Our Top Pick!

Check Price on Amazon – Top Pick!
Our Top Pick

    • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: An Organic Dunlop Latex Core; A 100% Natural Talalay Latex Comfort Layer, & A 100% Organic Cotton Knitted Mattress Cover
    • HEALTH BENEFITS: HypoAllergenic & Dust Mite Resistant and 100% New Zealand Wool Acts as a Natural Fire Barrier, Temperature Regulator, and Wicks Away Moisture
PlushBeds 10 inch - our top pick
The PlushBeds 10″ is our top pick. 30 Night Trial on Amazon
  • FIRMNESS OPTIONS: Available in Medium (preferred by most Side Sleepers) & Medium-Firm (preferred by most Back & Stomach Sleepers)
  • CERTIFICATIONS: GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, USDA and GreenGuard Gold Certified
  • RISK FREE: 30 Night Trial with Easy Returns through Amazon
  • WARRANTY: A 25 Year Limited Warranty

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What to Consider When Picking a Mattress

Before we dive into the individual mattress reviews it would be a good idea to cover the main points you should consider before you buy a mattress.

There are several things you need to keep in mind before you choose a mattress.

The best mattresses can last up to 20 years of sustained daily use so it is well worthwhile taking the time to consider your personal needs before embarking on a mattress hunt.

A mattress is supposed to be provide you support and comfort while you are asleep or at rest but what things make a mattress a good mattress fro your personal needs?

Let’s find out!

The Thickness

Consider the thickness of the mattressThe thickness of a mattress matters a lot. In fact, it is probably the most important thing to consider when buying a new mattress.

Although the thickness of a mattress is not the only important thing to consider, and it doesn’t mean that the thicker mattress is automatically better, as a rule-of-thumb the thicker the mattress the more comfortable it will be.

If a mattress is not thick enough, you will not be able to enjoy a nice sleep. Thin mattresses are generally very uncomfortable and may also cause body-ache as they begin to mold with your weight.

Obviously there are exceptions to the above rule-of-thumb and these exceptions usually involve mattresses that score highly on the following points.

The Layers

Ideally, pick a mattress that contains several layers.

The mattresses we have chosen for this review all contain several layers.

This factor is very important because all these layers serve a specific purpose each designed to heighten comfort and promote deep, restful sleep.

While one layer may make a mattress more durable, an other layer may allow it to be more comfortable and when thee different layers are mixed correctly you end up with a very comfortable yet extremely durable mattress.

The Material

Lucid Plush 12" layers
Typical material layers of a high quality mattress

Another important aspect of a mattress in the material it is made from.

The material used in the manufacturing of the mattress should be paid attention to carefully.

You will generally find mattresses made of foam, however some may also use springs. While spring mattresses are generally more affordable, they offer less durability and may also lead to health issues if used long-term as they are not able to support your body fully.

It is much better to go for a quality mattress that is made from a more than one material and has those materials layered in a way that supports each other and you.

The Technology

We have smart phones, smart tvs and believe it or not smart mattresses (think memory foam as an example).

Mattresses are now “smarter” than ever and utilize the latest technologies to make your sleep a more comfortable experience.

Try to pick a mattress that uses the latest technology to keep you at peace while you are asleep.


Some mattresses can contain materials that you may be allergic to. Make sure to ask this question before you make a purchase.

You can buy anti-allergen mattress protection from places like Amazon but it is much better to avoid setting your allergy off in the first place.


The mattress should be big enough to accommodate you.

Most mattresses come in multiple sizes from single to California King. Keep this point in mind when buying.

Also, keep your weight in mind when picking a mattress. If you’re on the heavier side, you should pick a mattress that is made for heavier individuals. We have included a review of the Comfort Max 400 designed for overweight people weighing between 300 – 400 lbs for this reason.

Mattress Size Chart


Pick a mattress that offers you good warranty. Some of the mattresses we went through offered up to 5 years warranty.

Value For Money

dollar signAlthough you probably have a set amount of money in mind that you like to spend on a mattress you should consider going out of your budget if you find an ideal candidate that is more expensive than you initially planned to spend.

Ask yourself how much your comfort and health is worth to you.

Having said that, the more expensive mattress is not necessarily the best mattress for you.


Our Top Picks

Without much ado, let’s have a look at the three top rated mattresses according to us.

They are:

  1. LUCID 14 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress
  2. LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress
  3. Comfort Max 400 For Heavy People
  4. PlushBeds 10 inch – Our Top Pick!

Let’s dig into details now.

The Lucid Plush Memory Foam Mattress – 14 inch

If you’re looking for a high quality mattress with all the quality you’d expect from a high-end product but want one at an affordable price then then the Lucid Plush 14″ will certainly fit the bill.

This mattress, like all Lucid mattresses, is all about plush comfort.

If you’re allergic to normal mattress fabrics, or have very sensitive skin, then you will love this one.

At the surface level, a 1 inch layer of bamboo charcoal memory foam is quilted into a soft Tencel blend cover to help all you allergy sufferers and also helps to eliminate odors.

The lucid plush 14 inch mattress

The top flexible foam layer is specifically designed to relax your body muscles as you sleep. This is one of the most defining features of this beauty.

Underneath the top layer is a 3 inch layer of ventilated, gel imbued adjustable foam. This layer of memory foam hugs the curves of the body to relieve key pressure points for a more agreeable and satisfying night’s sleep.

The ventilated gel design allows for better airflow and thus better temperature regulation thus enhancing the comfort of the sleeper even more.

Underneath these two layers, you will find a 10 inch high thick foam bed base for incredible body support.

All Lucid adaptable mattresses are designed with the goal of taking care of the body while it is at rest. They utilize an open cell technology that prevents lasting body impressions from forming in the mattress and that makes each a more solid mattress in terms of comfort.

The Lucid Plush 14″ has a delicate, flexible cover is made up of a comfortable Tencel mix texture (10 percent Tencel lyocell, 90 percent polyester). The delicate cover makes the layer breathable making the mattress much more comfortable.

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Main Features of the 14 inch Lucid Plush

Seven Benefits of the 14 inch Lucid Plush

  1. A thick adjustable foam to support the neck, shoulders and spine.
  2. A highly durable mattress that won’t spoil no matter how much weight is put in.
  3. The memory foam layer provides with the utmost of relaxation.
  4. Molds according to the turns and hurls taken in sleep.
  5. Easily maintainable.
  6. Highly reliable
  7. Comes with a 25 year warranty


Memory Foam in the Top Most Layer

The top most comforting layer of this mattress is manufactured using the best memory foam. This 1 inch layer of bamboo charcoal memory foam layer is quilted into a soft Tencel blend cover.

LUCID 14 Inch Plush Four Layer Infused with Bamboo CharcoalThe bamboo charcoal layer eliminates odors and is perfect for sleepers with allergies.

Overall the the top most layers have a thickness of 2 inches and weigh in at around 5.3 pounds.

The primary goal of these top layers is to provide a cushy feel and they do it very nicely.

The memory foam has a ventilated, breathable layer for better temperature control keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

This ensures you sleep comfortably even if the atmosphere is very humid.


14 inch Thick Foam:

The 14-inch thickness of the adjustable foam is great. The mattress is thick enough to support all kinds of bodies.

The design ensure there is no strain on your specific points of the the body as can be the case with spring mattresses or mattresses that have been manufactured without proper foam support.

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The Base Layer:

The base of this mattress is manufactured using polyurethane and is 9 inches in thickness. The material used in it is extremely thick and firm, which is perfect for solid foundational support.

Just as it is important for the upper most layers to offer a plush comfort feel it is just as important to have a more sturdy base for extra support.

Lucid mattress layers on top of baseThis base makes sure you’re comfortable and ensures the mattress body stays in the right position even when you toss and turn for hours.

It also allows the mattress to handle a reasonable amount of weight over many years of use without deteriorating.

The Open Cell Technology:

The Open Cell innovation in this mattress makes the adjustable foam even stronger and durable without compromising on comfort.

This technology has been incorporated in the the Plush mattress design to stop the mattress from becoming imprinted with your body shape. This technology also promotes the flow of air through the mattress for better temperature control and less odor retention.

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Memory Foam

The 14″ Lucid mattress adjusts according to the shape and weight of your body.

This top rated mattress is designed to give immense support to your back, neck and other muscles – the key points that lead to a restless night sleep or even permanent body complaints over time.

Its memory foam adjusts according to your body movement to ensure your spine always stays in the right position but without taking on a permanent shape.

The support it provides is firm and solid yet it feels delicate and cozy.

Excellent For Body Aches

This mattress strives to provide you with all the necessities that a body requires while resting.

This mattress is specifically designed for people who are facing different sorts of body aches.

This is the best choice for athletes or individuals involved in prolonged or heavy physical activities.

The 14″ Lucid Plush Memory Foam mattress can magically drain away all exhaustion by providing you with an incredible sleeping experience.

14 inch Lucid mattress layers

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The 14 inch Lucid Plush Details at a Glance

● Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King.
● 1″ bamboo charcoal memory foam that is great for people with allergies.
● 3″ breathable gel memory foam.
● 10 inch foam base offers a solid foundation.
● Ventilated memory foam.
● Very competitively priced.
● 25 years warranty.
● CertiPUR- US certified.

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Customer Reviews

A look at Amazon and you will see how it is one of the most highly sold items in its category. The buyers are in love as well with tonnes of positive reviews. Let’s read a few:

Trust Me I’m an Engineer

Let me preface this by saying that being married to an engineer is both great and terrible. He can fix just about anything. Cool! He knows lots of stuff. Awesome! He’s my secret weapon for trivia games. Sweet!

BUT — he’s always convinced that he knows everything. BOO.

He put his infinite wisdom toward the subject of mattresses. We had just purchased our first house, and in doing so decided to upgrade to a king-sized bed. We knew we wanted memory foam, but I was convinced that I wanted one of the big-name mattress sets, and I was not budging on it.

Now, I love sleep. I’m kind of an expert at it, and thus assumed that I knew what kind of things people should sleep on. I KNOW STUFF TOO, MAN. More money = better sleep, right?

This guy put his typical engineer approach into painstakingly long research: trying some mattresses out in different stores, researching mattresses online, etc. I’m pretty sure he even had an Excel spreadsheet for something. He kept coming back to this one, though. He was stoked to see that this one was so highly rated and affordable. He decided that we were getting it, but I wasn’t convinced.

Me: “A shrink-wrapped mattress?! Nope. Sounds too weird.”
Him: “Um, actually it’s amazing and you don’t even know.”
Me: “You don’t buy mattresses online. It’s WEIRD.”
Him: “You work in web dev! YOU LIVE IN THE INTERNET. It’s NOT weird.”
Him: “Trust me, I’m an engineer.”
Him: “SO! Seriously, we need this.”

We were getting the keys to the house that day, and had quite a lot of moving, painting, etc ahead of us. So, we decided to look at some mattresses together after things slowed down to figure out what we both wanted.

Fast forward a week. I’m rolling up to the house after work. There is a massive box on our front porch.

Me: “Uh, so… someone shipped a human-sized thing to our house and I’m not opening it.”
Him: “Oh, the mattress is here!”

Hubs got home and laid the mattress out on the box spring (which he got from Amazon as well). Then, the “breathing” commenced. We stepped out for a few hours to grab dinner to let it poof up. Once we got home, I approached the offending beast of a mattress.

Me: “If this thing sucks, I’m punching you right in the ear.”
Him: “I bet you $100 that you are gonna apologize to me in one minute.”

And so, I sat on the bed and laid back. I’m not entirely certain of what happened next, but I’m pretty sure I saw Jesus. It was… AWESOME. It’s fluffy, but so supportive. It was like being wrapped up in a hug by the Snuggle bear. I think he’s spending the $100 on some “HA, I TOLD YOU SO” stickers to put all over my stuff.

Now, people here have mentioned the “smell.” I have to say, as annoyed as I was when he was unwrapping this thing, I would have immediately pounced upon the opportunity to point out any offending stench. But, we slept on it about three hours after he had laid it out, and I didn’t notice any smell at all.

We’ve been using this bed for a few days now, and I can honestly say that it’s the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on. I’ve been so sore from moving, painting, and unpacking, but I’ve been waking up feeling refreshed. I’ll update this review after I’ve tried the bed for a few months, but I’m pretty sure that this cloud-like pad of awesomeness is going to keep its five-star rating.

And yes, husband. I was totally wrong. Buying mattresses online is an awesome idea. You can’t beat the price, and this is way more comfortable than any bed we tried out in stores. The “trust me, I’m an engineer” argument isn’t always valid, but I’ll throw you a bone on this one. The dude knew what he was talking about.


UPDATE TIME: So, it’s October 22, 2015. We’ve been using this thing for, oh… a year? Something? I’m bad with dates.

ANYWAY… It’s still awesome. Seriously, this is the best bed I’ve ever had. And I sleep a LOT, so my opinion is way valid.

The bed still feels just as comfortable as the first time we used it. We haven’t noticed any strange people-shaped indents.

Bonus for people with pets? My cats, who aren’t declawed, race across this thing daily and dig their dumb nails into it as they charge across. But, we haven’t noticed any rips or tears… which I’m certain is straight-up black magic.

Get this and wait for it to get cold outside. THEN PUT A HEATING BLANKET ON IT. Holy mother of tacos, it’s the best.

I’m trying to figure out a way to go about my day while in this bed. People of Lucid – please encourage my laziness and make this into a desk chair cushion. I needs it.” Verified Amazon purchase By Dorkmesticated.

I was worried ordering an untried bed
I fretted and stressed for a month on ordering a bed online and which to get but also thinking of cost. Okay, my husband and I decided to try sleeping in separate rooms recently, just to see if our sleep would improve ( it did ) So of course he got the good bed and master bedroom and I got the cruddy full size bed and guest room. It wasn’t so bad, it was shaped like a U and I would just roll in the center. Then my son visited with his girlfriend and could not believe I slept there. We also had company I thought was too good for my U bed and so I put them in my husbands “fancy” bed and we slept in the U bed. Long story short my family insisted I get a new bed and pitched in for my birthday. I wanted to try a foam mattress so researched and researched, I’m a tall 57 year old, I am 5-9″ and a big boned : ) and a bit chubby. I looked at reviews for ” not petite” people mattresses. So settled on the lucid plush 14″. I was so nervous. The reviews I was glad I listened too were that these beds are firm. This is a firm bed. If you like sinking into a soft plushy pillow top….not this bed unless you add it and I did put on my kind of cushy mattress pad.

Okay, I order from Amazon, it took a few days to get here over the weekend. I’d read how beat up the boxes could be, I was a mess of stress still. It came UPS and the box was perfect! I mean not a gouge, gash or nothing. We had cleared out the U bed already and swept up the cat hair tumble weeds. We set up the frame, ordered separately in no time with minimal arguing. Husbands a contractor and thinks he can build everything better. When it came time to unfurl the mattress, I kept warning him to place it better because it was going to explode to life and we would have to be out of the way! Well, it was anti-climatic and slowly laid out to this wrinkled 3-4″ shriveled thing. So we kind of straightened it and walked away. The odor was awful. I have a large window in my room that opens to the living room and all evening I’m thinking OMG, how can I sleep on that. By evening the darn thing was all poofed up to 14″! I put on my old mattress pad, which I will eventually replace but I wanted to protect it from the cat that sleeps with me and also my new deep pocket sheets. With mattress pad it was appx 16″. I read some reviews that said the edges could be wonky, mine has perfect edges. All and all the appearance was as in photo on Amazon.

Now sleeping, when I first laid down I thought oh no it really is firm but I was stuck now. I think there’s a learning curve for regular mattress sleepers to memory foam. I also am a really hot sleeper and that caused issues for my husband and I. A sheet and thin cover is all I need and I would constantly change my spot searching for fresh cool area. I slept so well. I love my bed. It was not as hot as some said but I do have my trusty mattress pad. I think the U bed was a bit hotter. I was waking up with hip pain every morning, thinking some day I will end up with a hip replacement….not now, hip pain gone. Oh by the way I’ve had it at least three weeks, maybe more. I’m also a side sleeper and was doing this weird shoulder dislocation move to put my arm straight towards the headboard all bent at a weird angle…not now, I still like my arm under my head but don’t need the weird maneuver. I might miss the cush of sleeping on a cloud but I still would opt for this bed. When I change position I haven’t noticed a slow response in it poofing back up, at all. Even my husband thinks we could sleep on it and give company the old bed. I should say this is a full size bed because of the small room but it’s longer and slightly wider than the U, which is nice since I’m tall. Oh and the odor for a few days it was pretty bad but it went away. I think it’s barely there but I’m sensitive to Chemical odors and it’s fine for me.

I’m really happy with my decision. I would imagine the queen or king being so much bigger heavier and more awkward to set up. Cost was a consideration for us and I don’t think spending more money would have given me a better bed. Thanks : ) Verified Amazon Purchase by J. Vawter


Final Verdict

This mattress is one of the best adaptable foam mattresses available for sale when it comes to value for money.

It’s 4 layer design offers support and exceptional comfort while its 1 inch bamboo charcoal plant-imbued top layer offers allergy relief.

The bamboo charcoal technology also makes it the right mattress for individuals with a hypersensitive skin.

The foam is amazing and is 100% CertiPUR-US® confirmed. In addition to this, the mattress comes with a 25 year guarantee!

The Lucid Plush is designed to offer you a great night’s sleep at a very affordable price. When you wake up after sleeping on this mattress, you should feel very well rested with less of those morning aches and pains.

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The Lucid Plush 14 inch – Available Sizes

Twin – Check price on Amazon
Twin XL – Check price on Amazon
Full – Check price on Amazon
Queen – Check price on Amazon
King – Check price on Amazon
California King – Check price on Amazon
 Mattress Size Chart

The Lucid Plush Memory Foam Mattress – 16 inch

The Lucid Plush 16″ Latex Foam Mattress comes with all the plush comfort of its 14″ little sister but boy can those 2 inches make all the difference.

This Lucid mattress is gentle on the skin and comforting to the body and is, in our opinion, more comfortable than other most other adjustable foam mattresses on the market.

The latex layer gives you a feeling that can only be described as being akin to nestling down on top of a cotton-like cloud.

This mattress has a combination of natural latex and memory foam enabling the mattress to mold to the body of the sleeper in such a way that it gives added support to key areas, such as the neck and back, without permanently taking on the shape of the sleeper.

The mattress is well-suited for use at home by children, couples and solitary adult sleeper alike.

It is also the mattress you will see being used in may upmarket hotels as it’s comfort is equally matched by its durability.

the 16 inch lucid plush mattress

This mattress comes with four amazing support layers. These layers combined with latex to provide you with a great experience. What adds more is the 10-inch support foundation that makes it even more cosy.

The first layer consists of bamboo infused charcoal memory foam, and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It comes with a special temperature control system, which makes it comfortable even when the weather isn’t at its best. Other than this, It also has a removable rayon, thus easily washable.

Underneath the top layer, is a 3 inch memory foam layer of ventilated, gel imbued adjustable foam. This layer enhances flexibility giving you a good experience.

The third layer is where the natural latex resides and responds to relieve pressure at different parts of the body by providing a bouncy experience. And finally, the last layer has a 10 inch high thickness foam bed base for support.

All Lucid mattresses are made to give ultimate comfort and support to the body even when you’re at rest. It uses an open cell development that prevents lasting body impressions.

Its adaptable cover is comprised of an agreeable Tencel blend surface (10 percent Tencel lyocell, 90 percent polyester).

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Main Features of 16 inch Lucid Plush

We have already discussed some of the main features of this mattress.

These include its multiple layers that come together to provide you with an optimal sleep experience.

The mattress is perfect for all individuals and is very comfortable to sleep in.

All the same benefits of the 14″ Plush

As well as having additional benefits the 16″ Lucid Plush Memory Foam Mattress has all the same benefits as the 14″ as detailed below.

If you have jumped straight to this section you can get more information on these benefits under the 14″ section above or by clicking here.


  • Soft Tencel blend cover

  • Thick foam 16″

  • Firm, stable base layer

  • Open Cell Technology

  • Memory foam

  • Excellent for body aches

16 inch lucid plush layer details
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Eight Additional Benefits of the 16 inch Lucid Plush

  1. A thick adjustable foam to support the neck, shoulders and spine.
  2. A highly durable mattress that can handle heavy loads.
  3. The memory foam layer provides extra comfort.
  4. Molds according to to your body movement to make you feel comfortable.
  5. Easy to wash and maintain.
  6. Highly reliable.
  7. The Latex foam gives a springy experience.
  8. Comes with a 25 year warranty
  9. Extremely affordable for such a high-end mattress

As with the 14″ Lucid Plush the 16″ version of this top selling mattress is designed to give immense support to your body while it is at rest. Its memory foam is designed to adjust to your spine and bounce back into shape regardless of the amount or intensity of the movement your body makes during sleep.

Moreover, its latex foam provides you with an extra plush feel.

Body strains are reduced while resting on this highly comforting mattress.

The base support it provides is firm even though it feels delicate and cozy in all other aspects.

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The 16 inch Lucid Plush Details at a Glance

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King.
  • 1″ bamboo charcoal memory foam.
  • 3″ gel memory foam.
  • 2″ latex foam sandwiched between layers.
  • 10″ high density foam base.
  • Ventilated memory foam
  • 25 years warranty.
  • CertiPUR- US certified


Customer Reviews

Faith in Humanity Restored
“My husband and I just got married, so I decided my gift to us would be to upgrade from my 10-year-old queen pillowtop to a king-sized memory foam. Like many people here, I stumbled upon the Lucid by Googling “best foam mattress.” I hadn’t been planning on making such a big purchase online without being able to test it, but the reviews for this one were overwhelming.

First, I took my husband to a regular mattress store because I wanted him to be aware of what he was getting into. He doesn’t like change, and I wanted to warm him to the idea before I committed. We tested every foam mattresses in the store and I preferred the super soft plush ones, but the salesman told my husband, who has back problems, he needed a firmer mattress or he would destroy his back. After we left I told him that based on what the internet said the Lucid would be comparable to the firmer mid-level plush.

So I decided to trust the strangers of the internet. Maybe I needed a little faith in humanity right now. Plus, I got it for such an amazing deal I had enough left over to get all the towels nobody bought from our registry.

The mattress arrived with lightning speed. Honestly I’m tempted to suspect they saw my IP address had looked at this page so many times they shipped it to a nearby warehouse in anticipation of my purchase. The UPS guy did not want to bring it up the steps to our front door. Luckily my husband was home to help him. How my husband managed to get it up to the second floor of our townhome all by himself is going to remain one of the many unsolved mysteries of our marriage.

The accompanying Zinus frame took an extra two days to arrive. My husband was wary about putting a foam mattress on an openly slotted frame, so I said some of the reviewers over there mentioned cutting up the cardboard box it came in and using that as a bridge between the two. So we did that, and then unwrapped the mattress. Immediately it started to puff up and my husband pressed his hand on it. He looked at me with scornful dread. “This is going to be too soft for me, hon,” he echoed the mattress salesman’s warning. “Don’t worry,” I said, trying not to show my panic. “The internet said it’s the perfect combination between plush and firm. Some people say it’s too firm. Nobody ever says it’s too plush!”

We slept on it that first night because others had said they’d done so too. Besides, we’d already dropped the old queen pillowtop to the curb and it was commandeered within minutes by a local homeless guy whom we had no intention of trying to wrestle it back from. And I didn’t sleep a wink. I tossed and turned, worried that my husband wasn’t sleeping and would demand I send it back. The internet said returns weren’t a hassle, but this thing was a damn beast. I couldn’t see how it could possibly go back.

That, and it was actually firmer at first than I’d hoped. I’m a side sleeper, and that first night reminded me of the night we’d spent in an Airbnb in Temecula where I legit thought the owner had gotten a trampoline instead of a mattress to cut costs. But I was determined not to worry. It would adjust, the internet had assured me. It wasn’t done puffing up yet.

I came home from work the next day, exhausted, and I attempted the bed once again. It still crunched and cricked my side. So I flipped onto my back. Only then did I have my “aha” moment. It was softer when I lay prone with my weight evenly distributed. It cradled me and finally I discovered that perfect combination of soft and firm. It has since puffed up more, and side sleeping is comfortable again too.

The mattress does get a bit warmer than I expected. It could be just adjusting from pillowtop to foam takes time. Or it could be that it’s been in the 90’s here (in November) because, you know, global warming. But the huge advantage is: when my husband tosses and turns he launches his full weight into the air and back down again like he’s wrestling a python in his sleep, or recreating that scene from “Big” where Tom Hanks bounces onto his bunk bed. So I happily trade being a little toasty to no longer have to even be aware of that nighttime nonsense. Also, in our old bed he would pull ALL the covers off me and tent them around himself because clearly his subconscious puts my comfort at a distant second to his own – but he hasn’t been doing that in this bed, at least so far. Perhaps his subconscious is finally warm enough to satiate his self-protective instincts.

Long story short, I really like this mattress a lot. Soft meets firm and has an affordable baby. The beast can stay. And now we can never move.

Thanks internet for restoring my faith in the goodness and honesty of strangers.

***update after 7 months***
Just came back to update everyone that I still LOVE this mattress so much. Once you get used to it, you don’t go back. I am now a certifiable bed snob and now whenever we stay somewhere else I can’t wait to get home to it. Never before have I known the joy of sleeping through the entire night without being awakened once by a sleep-jousting partner. Thanks Lucid, now I never want to go on vacation again.” Verified Amazon purchase By KellyK

I was burned before by a terrible, rock hard
” This mattress had no amazon reviews when I purchased it, and I could not find any videos or reviews for this specific 16″ depth mattress anywhere else online. I was burned before by a terrible, rock hard, absolutely painful to sleep on mattress that I also ordered from Amazon. That mattress lasted 3 days before being returned. (It was an “ultra plush” level 8 soft Dream Foam) Because the Lucid Mattress was prime, and return shipping would have been free, I decided to take a chance. I received the mattress on 8-18-15. It arrived vacuumed sealed, flattened, and rolled. Unlike other foam mattresses, this one was in a full length box, meaning it was only compressed in depth, where others are compressed in depth and width. Unboxing was fairly simple (part of a terrible video attached). The mattress inflated to full depth in less than 30 minutes. Note the following:
1. It is extremely heavy;
2. There was a very slight plastic smell upon removing the wrapping, and it was gone within a few hours.
3. I put a full encasement (allergy & waterproof) on the mattress immediately;
4. It will form a body indent when sleeping. The depth of which depends on your weight and the temperature of the room;
5. Our mattress has 600-650lbs of weight sleeping on it nightly with no permanent dents forming in the 2+ months of it’s use;
6. Body indents fill quickly as you roll over or get up;
7. I don’t find that it sleeps hot. The temp feels no different than an innerspring. We keep the heat or A/C set between 70-72 throughout the year and just use a single down alternative comforter;
8. The softness of this mattress is wonderful for sleeping & lounging. It has not hindered any activities, and makes no noise.” Verified Amazon purchase By Shelby K Larson


Final Verdict

This 16″ Lucid Plush mattress offers amazing value for money. Although it is priced very competitively it can compete with any of the highest-end mattresses on the market today.

The multiple layer configuration makes it adaptable for individuals of various body types and weights.

If you are looking for a mattress that makes it easy for you to enjoy a long uninterrupted nights sleep then this is the mattress for you.

Check Price On Amazon

The Lucid Plush 16 inch – Available Sizes

Twin – Check Price on Amazon
Twin XL- Check Price on Amazon
Full- Check Price on Amazon
Queen – Check Price on Amazon
King- Check Price on Amazon
California King- Check Price on Amazon

 Mattress Size Chart


The Comfort Max 400 Bariatric Mattress for overweight people (300-400 lbs):

With the growing waistlines of moderns Americans (an estimated 60% are overweight or obese) it is no surprise that a great number of Americans experience the many difficulties associated with sleep apnea.

obesity can cause sleep disordersThe dangers associated with disruptive sleep when a person is overweight cannot be over emphasized and therefore mattress manufactures have sought a way to combat the problems and bring relief and a good night’s sleep to modern Americans.

Even if you are overweight and do not suffer from sleep apena The Comfort Max 400 will help you achieve a better night sleep with less aches and pains when you rise in the morning.

The Comfort Max 400 mattress is specially designed for Americans who are on the heavier side (300-400 lbs).

Most people who are carrying added weight find it difficult to find a right mattress as they have to deal with several issues.

First of all, a standard mattress cannot handle the extra weight thus making the body bend into backward positions during sleep.

Secondly, a standard mattress will begin to lose its shape after a good few months and most will begin to form permanent indentations that the sleep rolls into for a night of restricted sleep.

This is why there is a dire need to have a mattress that is tailor made for heavy individuals.

Fortunately, there are several great brands available and there is one great solution in particular that comes in the form of the Comfort Max 400. This mattress is perfect for those who are between 300 – 400 lbs while being very affordable.
Comfort Max 400 mattressCheck Price On Amazon

Main Features of Comfort Max 400 Bariatric Mattress


The second important factor necessary in a mattress, after comfort, is its durability.

This amazing mattress scores 10 out of 10 in this regard even though it is designed to take some serious “abuse” as it is a pretty solid mattress that should provide you with great comfort for many years as long as you are in the 300 – 400 lb weight range.


Ultra Cell High Resilience (HR) foamIts comes with super astounding resiliency.

Ultra Cell High Resilience (HR) foam brings a firm, strong, and non-exhausting resting surface, designed specifically for heavier people.

As a result, you will not complain of body pain when you sleep on this mattress as it maintains its firm structure which is something a standard mattress cannot achieve when a heavy person uses it.

Anti-Microbial Pest free

Another problem that is often encountered when heavier people sleep is breathing difficulties.

To help alleviate such conditions the Comfort Max 400 Bariatric Mattress is designed to be anti-microbial. Although this is not a cure-all for those who experience breathing problems while they lie down it certainly does help.

Multiple Layers:

The Comfort Max 400 Bariatric mattress comes with multiple layers which respond to the body in a number of ways.

They are discussed below.

Top Layer

The top layer of the Comfort Max 400 Bariatric mattress is a 5″ Premium Talalay Latex with 36 IFD pressure.

Talalay Latex has proven itself to be the superior comfort and support material, since it is incredibly resilient, has great durability, and is naturally anti-microbial and pest free.

This layer of latex foam provides a satisfying and delicately firm padding to the upper and center of the body.

latex foam top layerAs your body weight sinks in, the Talalay Latex detects the heaviness of the entire body and gives inconspicuous, yet steady resistance.

This layer provides extra support which is fundamental in a mattress for heavier individuals.

The top layer remarkably minimizes the pressure points providing you with additional benefits over mattresses that have not been designed with overweight individuals in mind.

According to several reports, this mattress has other health benefits as well. It is believed that it helps control the flow of your blood, thus preventing numbness of body parts. Although these claims have not been scientifically verified they are worth noting in this review.


Second Layer (The Support Layer)

This layer comprises of 5″ of Ultra Cell High Resiliency Base Foam.

depth of comfort max 400 mattressThis foam comes with an ultra-premium polyurethane which is predominantly found in furniture but has been added to the design of the Comfort Max to help align the spine during sleep.

This layer helps to keep the spinal arrangement in position, helping to lessen spinal cord pain and giving an amazing resting experience.

Micro-Luc Fabric Cover

The sumptuous Micro-Lux Cotton-mixed texture is woven in a way that provides the most delicate touch and intends to give years of never ending relaxing rest.

Micro Lux is a good looking premium tone-on-tone made of Mattelaise, which is now one of the most heavily used materials in the industry.

This fine sturdy texture is half Rayon, 40% Polyester and 10% Cotton.


Customer Reviews

Buyers on Amazon seem to be in love with this bariatric mattress.

Best sleeping Mattress I have ever purchased!!
One customer said, “I ordered my Comfort Max 400 with Talalay Latex (Queen 60 x 80) mattress on May 15, 2015. I was worried about buying a mattress online especially one that was custom made and could not be returned.

After the order went thru I received a call from the Mattress company!!!!!!!
They wanted to know my weight so they could make the mattress better suited for me. I was glad they called. After talking with the company rep she said they would add some stiffer materials to my mattress to support my added weight. Never expected this kind of service!!!!!

The mattress arrived in a long box. It took two people to carry it up the two flights of stairs. One strong person can pick up the mattress but not taking it up stairs safely. We removed my very heavy memory foam mattress off the bed and placed the comfort 400 on my slatted platform bed. We then carefully cut lengthwise down the plastic wrap and unrolled it while the mattress started expanding to its full size. We added a mattress encasement (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004BAEF7E?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage)

My mattress is very very firm. I expect most people would not like it. I do like the fact I can roll out of bed easily.With my old mattress I was sunk in the middle of the bed and needed help by grabbing the headboard and rocking back and forth to get out of the bed. This one I can turn and get out of bed by myself or just sitting up.” Verified Purchase By Edward.


We love it. We’re overweight and this mattress so far exceeds our expectations.
“This mattress so far exceeds our expectations. We love it. We’re overweight and this mattress so far doesn’t sag any. Also it’s a $1000 cheaper than the lat one we bought 2 years ago at a mattress store.” Verified Purchase By Teenie


Final Verdict

Bariatric Mattress Specially Designed for Heavy PeopleThe Comfort Max 400 uses talalay latex in the topmost layers and 2.4 lb polyfoam in the base layers.

The build is solid and the mattress delivers what it promises.

As long as you are not heavier than 400lbs this mattress will serve you well and should provide you with many years of restful sleep.

The Comfort Max Bariatric Mattress – Available Sizes

The Comfort Max 400 comes in a variety of different sizes and also in 2 different firmness levels.

Twin – Check Price on Amazon
Twin XL- Check Price on Amazon
Full- Check Price on Amazon
Queen – Check Price on Amazon
King- Check Price on Amazon
California King- Check Price on Amazon

 Mattress Size Chart


PlushBeds 10 Inch Medium-Firm Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress

PlushBeds 10" Medium Firm Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress King SizeIf you’re looking for a botanical bliss latex mattress at a decent price then your search ends here.

This mattress is one of the most comfortable mattress you could possibly ever sleep on.

It provides you with a great sleeping experience and a terrific price.

Check Price On Amazon

Main Features of PlushBeds 10 Inch Medium-Firm Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress

The PlushBeds 10″ Botanical Bliss Latex mattress is manufactured using 100% latex.

It comes in various sizes ranging from 9″ – 13″ in either medium-firm or firm.

The Top Layer (Temperature Regulator)

The plushbeds antimicobial layerThe material used in the top layer is a blend of natural cotton cover and 100% Joma wool.

The natural cotton cover is intended to provide you with great pressure relief, while the Joma wool keeps you cool and manages temperature to keep you from overheating and/or getting cold.

It comes with a stretchable, wrinkle free cover. The wool also acts as a fire barrier and is highly breathable.

Finally, this wool layer is anti-allergic and acts as an antimicrobial.

Center layer (cooling and comfort)

This layer covers 3″ and is 100% Talalay latex.

Inside the plushbeds 10 inch botanical bliss latex mattressIt attempts to work on pressure points and even provides a relaxing feeling to tiresome bodies.

Talalay latex offers awesome comfort, while keeping the temperature under control.

Talalay latex is also found to be a protective barrier against dust mites. It therefore works as an anti-allergic mattress layer. Dust mites are the #1 source of indoor allergens and may lead to sneezing and other problems.

Check Price On Amazon

Base layer (Support)

This layer is a 6″ layer of ARPICO natural latex. ARPICO natural latex is a 100% natural item produced using the sap of rubber trees.

It is prepared without using chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides and is therefore 100% natural.

This layer is intended to give support to the Talalay layer above it.

This layer also helps prevent sagging by providing great firmness.

Customer Reviews

The bed is rated a perfect five stars on Amazon and at the time of writing this review (2018) it has 80 positive customer reviews.

Worth the Money!

Don’t let the price scare you!!
This bed is by far one of the best investments I’ve ever made! I’ve struggled with neck and back pain most of my life and never thought I would find relief in a bed but that’s exactly what happened. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our purchase and would definitely recommend this product to anyone!! Verified Amazon purchase By Brandi Perry


I have been looking for a mattress that would fulfill the problems of my back and neck. Hearing about PlushBeds from an Ad , I decided to try it . Let me say this , it is the best decision I have ever made.Not only does this PlushBeds mattress provide a comfortable environment your body can adjust to but it also gives you the best sleep of your life . I would highly recommend this to anyone with spinal, neck , or back issues , or anyone trying to find their dream mattress . The softness of the plush feels amazing on your skin and the mattress is very durable . Don’t waste your time hesitating to buy this ! Verified Amazon purchase By Brandon Mercado


Final Verdict

Latex is known for its remarkable cooling capabilities and the PlushBeds uses it just the way it should be used.

If you prefer a little extra plush than a memory foam mattress, then this is the perfect mattress for you because it supports all sleeping positions.

If you’re scared of having neck cricks or fatigued muscles while resting on your previous mattress then this mattress will surely kiss your problems goodbye.


PlushBeds 10 Inch Medium-Firm Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress – Available Sizes

Twin Medium Firm – Check Price on Amazon
Twin Medium – Check Price on Amazon
Twin XL- Check Price on Amazon
Twin XL Medium Firm – Check Price on Amazon
Twin XL Medium – Check Price on Amazon
Full Medium Firm – Check Price on Amazon
Full Medium – Check Price on Amazon
Queen Medium Firm – Check Price on Amazon
Queen Medium – Check Price on Amazon
Split Queen Medium Firm – Check Price on Amazon
Split Queen Medium – Check Price on Amazon
King Medium Firm- Check Price on Amazon
King Medium – Check Price on Amazon
California King Medium Firm – Check Price on Amazon
California King Medium – Check Price on Amazon
Special California King Medium Firm – Check Price on Amazon
Special California King Medium – Check Price on Amazon
Split King Medium Firm- Check Price on Amazon
Split King Medium – Check Price on Amazon

full mattress size chart



We hope that this article helped you understand the importance of a good mattress, while providing you with some great options. All the mattresses mentioned in this article are highly comfortable and will provide you with a good experience.

You should pick one keeping your own requirements in mind though our top choice would be either the PlushBeds 10″ or the 16″ Lucid Plush.