Can Lucid Dreams Be Induced?

Inducing a lucid dream

Lucid dreams seem like an exciting prospect to those who have never experienced one. And they are exciting. But unless you are one of the 33% of the population who experiences regular lucid dreams naturally you will want to know if there’s a way to make them happen deliberately. Can lucid dreams be induced?

Lucid dreams can be induced using a variety of techniques. Herbal supplements are also helpful in inducing lucid dreams. Everyone can learn how to induce lucid dreams but they must also learn how to control them. Dream-control does not come automatically with lucid dream induction.

Lucid dreams and why should you learn to induce them

Lucid dreaming is not as rare as you may think. About 55% of the population will experience at least one lucid dream at some point in their life. Unfortunately, though one lucid dream doesn’t really give you the type of opportunities you would like to experience the many wonders of controlled dreaming.

Then there are, what at first appear to be, the lucky few, who have lucid dreams naturally.

A huge 33% of the population will have at least one lucid dream every month. That means a third of the population will experience regular lucid dreams. Although a large portion of these people had to learn the skill of lucid dreaming there are many of them who have lucid dreams without trying. They are natural spontaneous lucid dreamers. As you have arrived on this page I’m guessing you’re not one of them.

However, don’t me dismayed because having lucid dreams naturally isn’t as great as you may think it would be.

Natural lucid dreamers usually have very limited, or no, control over their lucid dreams.

A spontaneous, natural, lucid dreamer seldom has the type of dream control that most people associate with lucid dreaming.

Only induced lucid dreams are guaranteed to be the type you can control

Most spontaneous lucid dreamers cannot control their lucid dreams. At least they cannot control them in the way trained lucid dreamers can. They more often than not experience what are known as uncontrolled lucid dreams. In this type of lucid dream you can only control your own actions and have no control or power at all over your dreamworld or anything in it.

Trained lucid dreamers, who can induce lucid dreams on demand, can also fully control their dreams.

I have covered the subject of uncontrolled lucid dreams in several different posts on this website so I will not labor the point any further here. If you want to know more about the difference between controlled and uncontrolled lucid dreams read this article and also this article. For now just accept that to have controlled lucid dreams, which you can manipulate, you need to train in lucid dreaming induction and control techniques.

The many benefits of induced lucid dreams

If you don’t already know the many benefits of lucid dreaming then you are in for a treat as I will briefly outline some of the many things you can do with lucid dreaming. As I have already stated it is only by learning how to induce and then control a lucid dream that you can expect to take advantage of these benefits. Most spontaneous lucid dreamers only get a fraction of the possible benefits and most of them get none at all because they only experience the state of dream lucidity (being awake and aware within a dream) but not the dream control.

So what are these benefits that you get from learning to induce and control lucid dreams?

Obviously the most well known benefit of lucid dreaming is fantasy-fulfilment. Being able to live out your fantasy in a world that feels just like real life can be exhilarating. Imagine being able to go anywhere you want with just a thought. What’s more you can go there with anyone you choose.

In fact, you can do anything when you are trained to induce a controlled lucid dream. And the advantages are not just restricted to the dreamworld.

Lucid dreamers have been demonstrating for years that this night skill can be used to help with academic study and recall, and to improve real world skills and enhance sports and work performance.

Lucid dreaming has also been linked with higher intelligence and some lucid dreamers even claim that they can use shifting methods in their dreams to create their future reality.

Although the jury is out as far as using lucid dreaming for reality creation goes as a goal achievement and manifestation tool it is invaluable.

How do you go about inducing a lucid dream then?

How do you trigger a lucid dream?

You are obviously not a natural lucid dreamer or you wouldn’t want to know how to trigger a lucid dream. Or, perhaps you are a natural lucid dreamer but only have uncontrolled lucid dreams. Either way you will want to learn how to induce a controlled lucid dream so you can use it for fun or real world benefit. So, how do you trigger a lucid dream?

To trigger a lucid dream you need to employ one or more lucid dreaming induction techniques. It takes approximately 30 days to find the correct technique that will work for you and trigger your first lucid dream. Lucid dreaming pills and sleep herbs can help trigger lucid dreams though proper training is the only guarantee you will learn this skill.

You must be prepared to spend at least 30 days testing different lucid dreaming induction techniques in order to trigger your first lucid dream. Not all techniques are suitable for everyone and not every technique will work for you.

The 30 days it takes to have your first lucid dream are needed for two reasons. 30 days is needed due to the time it takes to find the best technique that will work for you and also because of the time needed to program and prepare your mind for lucid dreaming.

Be aware though that inducing a lucid dream is only part of the equation. You must also learn dream-control techniques.

Lucid dream induction is only part of lucid dreaming

This is where so many would-be lucid dreamers fail – they put all their energy into learning how to induce lucid dreams but not into how to control them. Then, when they eventually experience dream lucidity, even being able to induce lucid dreams on demand, they find that they cannot control their lucid dreams.

That’s why you should always follow a proven plan and, as much as possible, interact with other lucid dreamers who can guide you through the process of becoming an experienced lucid dreamer with omnipotent control in the dreamworld.

I highly recommend this lucid dreaming course as it not only teaches you how to quickly get to the stage where you can induce lucid dreams at will but it also teaches you advanced dream control techniques, while also having an attached community of experienced lucid dreamers.

Of course you can teach yourself to induce a lucid dream via online videos and website posts (I have a post on the top 5 induction techniques myself) but it is difficult to find any reliable resource on dream control. It is as if the induction techniques are the be all and end all for many online commentators even though dream-control is an essential part of lucid dreaming. I have started to think that many online lucid dreaming resources are being offered by people who are not lucid dreamers!

Anyway, as well as proper training there are also some other things you can use to help you induce lucid dreams.

Is there a pill for lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming has such a draw for many people that products have popped up all over the place that promise instant lucid dreams without any effort required from you. These products are of course completely useless and the claims made by their manufacturers are less than trustworthy. Modern lucid dreaming masks are a perfect example (though some of the older ones that are no longer made do work).

learning to induce and control lucid dreams takes some effort on your part but the effort is very worth it!

However, you can ease that effort as there are some lucid dreaming aids that really do work, at least as far as helping you induce lucid dreams goes (remember you still need to learn how to control the lucid dreams).

There are a variety of different pills for lucid dreaming available on the market. These pills consist of specific herbs known for their effects on dreams. Some work better than others as certain herbs are better at helping to induce the state of dream lucidity and not all pills contain the same herbs in the same quantities.

Sleep herbs have been used for thousands of years as away of affecting dreams. And, herbs are an excellent way to help you induce the state of lucidity in your dreams.

There are specific herbs that can be taken together which help create the ideal mental state for dream lucidity. I have noted the best herbs for lucid dreaming here but this is such a huge topic that many books have been written about it. This is one of the better ones. It takes real experimentation with herbs and you need to do your research correctly as taking some herbs in the wrong quantities can adversely affect your sleep.

Although experimenting with herbs is not a bad approach, as most come in easy to swallow pill format and there is a lot of literature available about how to take them, luckily there is an easier way.

There are readymade lucid dreaming pills available that have the specific herbs you need in the correct quantities already mixed in capsule form. There are several different manufactured lucid dreaming pills available on Amazon which you can check out.

However, before you buy any lucid dreaming capsules I recommend you read my article on lucid dreaming pills so you know what they do, why they do it, how they should be used and which ones are best.

And … please remember … lucid dreaming aids and even lucid dreaming induction techniques are only half the story!

To regularly enjoy the type of controlled lucid dreaming that lets you experience your deepest fantasies, and also improve your everyday real world life, you also need to learn dream-control techniques. So what are you waiting for ??? Learn how quickly you could be enjoying controlled dreaming by checking out this powerful lucid dreaming course and start taking advantage of those lost 8 hours of sleep.

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