April 10, 2024

It’s Not That Rare To Be Able To Control Your Dreams

Dream control

Dreams are wonderful and strange things. They often allow us to defy the laws of physics and have amazing adventures that we could never experience in the real world. The possibilities in dreams are seemingly unlimited. But, if you could direct your dreams deliberately then all those unlimited possibilities would open to you so you could have only those experiences you really want to.

Being Able To Control Your Dreams Is Not As Rare As You Think

As you have seen the ability to control your dreams is commonly known as lucid dreaming. Although there are some who can lucid dream naturally most people had to learn the skill of lucid dreaming.

Complete dream control requires knowledge of some advanced dream-control techniques that must be taught.

So, it is rare to be able to control your dreams?

It is not rare to be able to control your dreams.

Controlling your dreams is known as lucid dreaming. 55% of the population will have at least 1 lucid dream while 33% of the population have at least 1 lucid dream per month.

Training can enhance dream control to create vivid, lifelike dreams in which anything is possible.

Lucid dreaming is not nearly as rare as most people think it is.

Woman lucid dreaming

Over half the population will experience at least one lucid dream in their lifetime, with over a third having lucid dreams regularly.

Of course the term lucid dream refers to any dream that is vivid, clear and lifelike.

It does not just refer to controlled dreams. It rather refers to dreams in which the dreamer is consciously aware or “awake” within the dream.

When you become conscious in a dream you are said to be lucid.

So, lucid dreaming refers to those dreams in which you experience the same level of consciousness that you do while you are awake.

Not all lucid dreams are fully controlled dreams.

As I highlighted here there are 2 types of lucid dream: controlled lucid dreams and uncontrolled lucid dreams.

All Controlled Dreams Are Lucid Dreams But Not All Lucid Dreams Are Controlled Dreams

The difference between the two types of lucid dream is simple.

In a controlled lucid dream you have a high degree of control over every aspect of the dream.

Although there are varying levels of control available to the dreamer (usually based on their level of lucid dreaming training) in a controlled lucid dream you can usually go anywhere, be with anyone and do anything you want.

Experienced lucid dreamers who have completed training, like this training, tend to have lucid dreams that are totally lifelike and very vivid.

They also have total and ultimate control over, everything and everyone in, their lucid dreams.

The problem with uncontrolled lucid dreams

In an uncontrolled lucid dream however your level of control is severely restricted. In uncontrolled lucid dreams you can only control your own actions.

Thus uncontrolled lucid dreams are more restrictive than their controlled counterparts.

I have mentioned before on this website the experience I had with one of my earliest lucid dreams when I “awoke” within a dream only to find myself in a locked room.

Without a key or anyone to free me I found that although I was totally lucid and everything felt real, I couldn’t do much.

I was stuck in the room for the duration of the dream.

Pretty boring … right?!

Of course, if this happened today I could easily change such an uncontrolled lucid dream into a controlled one as I have since trained in dream-control techniques.

Spontaneous, or natural, lucid dreamers tend to have these type of uncontrolled lucid dreams, where they have limited control.

This means that uncontrolled lucid dreams are the more common type of lucid dream among those who lucid dream naturally.

Lucid dream scene

But, that does not mean that controlled lucid dreams are rare.

They are not.

There are more people who have trained themselves to lucid dream than there are natural lucid dreamers.

And the good news is that everyone can learn how to lucid dream.

I should mention though that there are a small percentage of people for whom lucid dreams can come naturally but instead of an uncontrolled lucid dream they find that they can manipulate the dream in many different ways.

Now, these lucid dreams may be controlled but for the most part they will lack the vividness and richness of a deliberately induced lucid dream created by an experienced lucid dreamer.

They will also lack the same type of omnipotent power.

You see, it seems that the more control you exert over a dream the more lifelike and vivid the dream becomes.

This seems to be a two-way street as the more vivid and lifelike a dream appears the more control you can exert over it (when you know what you’re doing).

If you are a natural lucid dreamer then chances are you cannot exert complete and omnipotent control over your lucid dreams.

Your lucid dreams will probably also tend to lack that feeling of reality which is evident in the lucid dreams of experienced and trained lucid dreamers.

However, if you can already control your dreams or even if you have never had a lucid dream before then there is good news.

There are both lucid dream induction techniques and advanced dream control techniques that anyone can learn.

The advanced dream-control techniques should be of interest to anyone who can already lucid dream just as much as they are to non-lucid dreamers.

Because these techniques give you omnipotent power within your lucid dreams. The type of power that many frequent lucid dreamers currently lack.

Although very easy to use, these techniques have a powerful effect on all your lucid dreams.

Check out this excellent course that teaches students how to induce lucid dreams on demand and also contains potent dream-control techniques for becoming the omnipotent power in your lucid dreams.

Let’s be honest here, all your fantasies and desires could become solid experiences if controlled dreaming were possible.

But, can anyone learn to control their dreams?

A person can control their dreams when they learn the skill of lucid dreaming.

In a controlled lucid dream you can do anything you want, with anyone you choose in any location you desire.

As well as having control over your dreams you will also experience them as though they were real.

Anyone can learn to control their dreams.

Lucid dreaming, dream control – how to control your dreams

Imagine waking up in a world where you have complete and total omnipotent control over everything.

You have god-like powers that are unequaled and you can do anything you can imagine.

Want to fly through blues skies like superman, fight the system as an invincible superhero like Neo in the Matrix, captain the space shuttle or the Starship Enterprise, or perhaps you’d rather sail the seven seas with Sinbad as your first mate?

Well in a lucid dream you can do all this and a lot more.

In a lucid dream your dream body will not be limited by the laws of physics so you can do just about anything you can think of. Basically, you can do anything in a lucid dream and are only limited by your own imagination.

This dream control is not just limited to what you can do though. Lucid dreaming offers you much more control than that.

In a lucid dream you also have full control over the dream environment being able to manipulate it in any way you want. You can go anywhere in a lucid dream no matter where you want to go.

This includes space, alien planets or completely fabricated universes and worlds.

But there’s more!

By learn how to control your dreams through lucid dreaming you can also use your dreams to visit anyone you want.

There is no exception to this. I often joking talk on this website about my space adventures on the Millennium Falcon with Charlize Theron as my first mate but I can and have done this in lucid dreams. And so can you (but lay off Charlize … she’s mine 🙂 )

Although the person you visit in a lucid dream will not be real (or are not actually interacting with the real person), they will look, sound and act like the real person.

Or at least they will be a very realistic representation of that person and will feel so real that you don’t know the difference.

In a controlled lucid dream your experiences are only limited by your own imagination.

What’s more. It all feels totally real. Lucid dreams are not just dreams in which you are consciously aware, they also tend to feel exceptionally real.

In fact, the more control your exert over a lucid dream the more real it feels.

Lucid dreamers control their dream world
Lucid dreamers can control their dream world

In a controlled lucid dream you experience a vivid and clear world that is just like real life.

You also experience the dream in first person just the same way you do in everyday waking life.

Or, experience it in the third person like playing a video game.

How amazing is that?!

Summary: Is It Rare To Be Able To Control Your Dreams?

Being able to control your dreams is not as rare as you think.

The skill of controlling you dreams is known as lucid dreaming and about 55% of the population will have at least one such dream in their lifetime.

As you can see, controlled dreaming is not really that rare. What is rare is the ability to do it frequently. However, controlled dreaming is a skill that can be learned.

Everyone can learn how to have controlled lucid dreams and that includes you!

If you are interested in learning how to lucid dream I recommend this fantastic course that teaches you how to induce lucid dreams and also how to take full control over them.

It doesn’t take that long to learn lucid dreaming as long as you follow a proven, tried-and-tested, learning system that guides you from induction to dream omnipotence.