June 18, 2024

Are Lucid Dreams Fun? Yes, but they are a whole lot more!

Fun lucid dream imagery

So, you’ve recently heard about lucid dreaming and your interest is peaked. Being able to control your dreams sounds like something that could be more than just intriguing, it could be very entertaining. But are lucid dreams fun?

Lucid dreams are a lot of fun. Being able to do anything you want, go anywhere you want, with anyone you choose and all without limitation or restriction, is fun. Because everything feels real lucid dreaming is both fun and exciting but it also has other real world benefits.

Lucid dreaming can be fun. In fact, it can be a lot of fun, even the most amount of fun you’ve ever had in your life.

To understand why lucid dreams offer the opportunity for fun let’s quickly look at what a lucid dream is and what it can be used for.

What are lucid dreams?

A lucid dream is just a normal dream in structure and origin.

Lucid dreams are no different to normal regular dreams as far as the the dreamworld and mechanics of dreaming goes.

It is the dreamer who changes in a lucid dream, not the dream.

The difference between a normal dream and a lucid dream is the level of conscious awareness of the dreamer.

In a normal dream the sleeper is unconscious and unaware that they are dreaming. In a lucid dream the sleeper is fully consciously aware (just like when they are awake) and are aware that they are dreaming.

This conscious awareness within a dream, known as “dream lucidity”, can have some amazing side-effects, one of which is dream control.

Trained lucid dreamers can do anything they want in a lucid dream.

They have complete and total control over the dreamworld and everything in it.

Obviously this opens up amazing opportunities for unlimited amounts of fun. But how do lucid dreams occur?

Lucid dreaming is not some mystical or esoteric phenomenon that only happens to very lucky people. In fact, lucid dreaming is not as rare as you may think.

It is a fairly common occurrence.

You see, lucid dreaming has very measurable and scientifically verified causes.

There are specific brain functions that occur in the brain during a lucid dream that do not occur in normal dreams. These are not abnormal or supernormal functions.

Every one of us experiences these same functions while we are awake.

It is just that lucid dreamers also experience them while they dream.

Because the causes associated with lucid dreaming can be measured they can also be replicated.

This means everyone can learn to lucid dream. And that includes you! You just need to follow a proven plan.

Courses, like this one, are the only way to ensure you can not only induce lucid dreams but that you can also control them (they are not the same thing as you will soon learn).

Why lucid dreaming is fun

Lucid dreaming is fun for the following reasons:

  • Lucid dreaming feels real.
  • A lucid dream is just like real life in structure and how you interact with it.
  • You can do anything you want in a lucid dream.
  • You can go anywhere you want in a lucid dream. This includes real and imagined places.
  • You can visit anyone you want in a lucid dream and do anything you want with them.
  • You can practice and improve sports and work skills in a lucid dream, and carry any improvements you make with you into the waking world.
  • You can affect reality in some cool ways through lucid dreaming.
  • You can live out every one of your fantasies in lucid dream environments that feel totally real.
  • You can program your mind to manifest your goals through your lucid dreams.
  • You can test out possible future realities by playing them out in your lucid dreams.
  • You can try out shifting in a lucid dream.
  • You can do anything that you can imagine! Your lucid dreaming experiences are only limited by the poverty of your imagination.

Of course in order to be able to do any, and all, of the things listed above you need to be able to do two things:

  1. Induce a lucid dream.
  2. Control the lucid dream.

The first part is well known to anyone who has heard of lucid dreaming.

Obviously you need to be able to become lucid in a dream in order to experience it consciously and interact with the dreamworld in the same way you do with the real world.

But, the second part is something you have probably not heard a lot about.

Very few lucid dreaming websites, video channels and even forums talk about the fact that most lucid dreams are of the uncontrolled kind.

These lucid dreams feel very real, and you can interact with everything in the dreamworld in the same way you do with the real world, but you lack any real measure of control.

Let’s look at this type of lucid dream now to see why it isn’t much fun to have one, and how you can avoid having one while also learning how to control one if it ever does happen to you.

When lucid dreams aren’t fun

As I have already mentioned, lucid dreaming is a fairly common occurrence.

However, most of the lucid dreams that occur naturally are actually uncontrolled lucid dreams.

What is an uncontrolled lucid dream?

Well, I have covered the subject of both controlled lucid dreams and uncontrolled lucid dreams several times on this website.

So, if you would like an in depth understanding of the differences between a controlled lucid dream and an uncontrolled lucid dream read the article why can’t I control my lucid dreams and can lucid dreams be controlled.

Both these articles not only address both types of lucid dream but they also have tips you can use to quickly change an uncontrolled lucid dream into a fully controlled one.

I won’t labor the point, by going into detail about what an uncontrolled lucid dream is, and will only give a brief explanation as it is connected to the topic of this article.

So, for the purpose of this article just be aware that in an uncontrolled lucid dream you can only control your own actions and nothing else.

You are literally at the mercy of the dream. In an aforementioned article I give an account of one of my first lucid dreams which was uncontrolled.

I became lucid in a dream and found myself in a locked basement office with locked cabinets and nothing to do. It was very realistic, very lifelike and very boring!

Of course I now have the skills to change an uncontrolled lucid dream into a controller done but at the time I was trying to learn everything about lucid dreaming on my own so lacked the knowledge to change the dream.

So, what can you expect to experience in an uncontrolled lucid dream?

At best, you will merely interact with the dreamworld in the same way you interact with the everyday world.

You can do the same type of things that you can do while you are awake provided the dream environment is appropriate for doing those things.

At worst, you may become lucid during a scary dream and find yourself in an uncontrolled lucid nightmare (this is very rare though and I show you how to effectively deal with it, in this lucid nightmare article).

Uncontrolled lucid dreams are sometimes interesting, occasionally enlightening and on rare occasions beneficial but they are almost never any fun.

To have fun in a lucid dream you really need to be in control of it. This control rarely comes naturally.

Even if you train yourself to induce dream lucidity it is unlikely you will awaken in the dream with full dream-control. Remember most lucid dreams are uncontrolled lucid dreams.

To guarantee you have the type of lucid dreams where you are in control you must complete the proper training. There is simply no way around this.

Just learning how to induce a lucid dream through induction techniques is not enough.

You must go further and learn how to control the dream. And it’s actually the easiest part of learning to lucid dream.

This is why I always advise would-be lucid dreamers, and even many experienced lucid dreamers who lack proper dream-control skills, to invest the small amount needed to get professional lucid dreaming training.

Following proven techniques taught in reputable lucid dreaming courses, like this one, is the only way to become the type of lucid dream who has omnipotent power in the dreamworld and is able to have unlimited amounts of fun.