June 23, 2024

Can You Play Video Games in a Lucid Dream?

Gaming while asleep

There is a lot of information online that talks about how gamers are more likely to experience lucid dreams than non-gamers. It seems that there are some specific things that happen in the brain of a gamer that opens up the opportunity for them to become lucid while they dream. But, although there are a lot of conversations about how playing video games helps induce lucid dreams there isn’t a lot of information about actually playing video games within a lucid dream.

So, can you play video games in a lucid dream?

You can play video games in a lucid dream in the same way you play them in real life.

You can also play as part of the video game in a lucid dream experiencing it as though the game was real.

Because lucid dreaming is like being inside a giant lifelike VR video game, most lucid dreamers will enact their video games in lucid dreams rather than playing the game on a dream console or computer.

How we can play video games in a lucid dream

Because lucid dreams, at least controlled ones, allow you to control the dreamworld, as well as everything in it and because they also give you the power to set your own dream narrative, it is totally possible to play video games within your lucid dreams.

Just as you can do anything else you want in a lucid dream, you can also play a video game if that is what you want to do.

There are two ways in which you can play video games in a lucid dream.

2 ways to play video games in a lucid dream:

  1. You can play a video game on a console or computer just as you would in the real world.
  2. You can create a pseudo-real-world representation of a video game and play as part of the game.

Let’s take a look at these two different ways of playing a video game within a lucid dream.

Playing video games on lucid consoles

The first type of gaming that occurs in a lucid dream is to play the game in exactly the same way you would in real life.

While lucid dreaming you create and then sit at a console or computer and play the game just as you would on a real-life console or computer.

Now, this may seem a bit boring to many readers but it does have its advantages.

I am a gamer myself and love playing console games on my PS5 and Microsoft-based games on my Windows desktop computer but let’s face it, doing it in a lucid dream does seem like a waste of lucidity time.

After all, I can play a video game in real life whenever I want (works and social commitments allowing of course).

So, why would you want to play a video game on a console or computer in a lucid dream when you already play it like that in real life?

There are good reasons why you might want to actually sit down in front of a dreamworld digital device, within a lucid dream, and play a video game.

The most useful reason is to get better at playing the game.

As I highlighted in the article can lucid dreaming affect reality, you can use your lucid dreams to perfect real world skills and this includes all types of games both physical and video games.

How does this work?

If you love a game, or you play it competitively with friends, but have hit a stumbling block and cannot progress, then playing the game within a lucid dream can actually make you play better in real life.

Just as you can improve sports skills by practicing them in lucid dreams you can also improve your video game play.

So you can see that here is an advantage to playing videos games in a lucid dream in the same way that you would while you’re awake.

However, this really defeats the purpose of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming gives you the ability to anything you want so using it to do things that you already do in real life, like playing a video game on a screen, robs you of unique and quality experiences that you could never have in the real world.

A much better way to play a video game within a lucid dream is to play it as a part of the game.

Playing as part of the video game

Why play a game when you can be the game?!

An experienced trained lucid dreamer can easily enter a dream, or create a dream, that perfectly mimics their favorite video game.

Once the game world is created they can then decide to play it, within the game itself, as themselves or play the part of a familiar character from that game world.

In fact, they a lucid dreamer can be anyone they want in the dreamworld and can therefore create entirely new characters if that is what they want.

They can then play the game as part of the game rather than as a third person video gamer who control their character, like a puppet, on a gaming screen.

They experience the game in first person point of view as though they were really there doing things in just the same way they would do those things physically if they existed in the real life.

Dreams like video games. How they look and feel

Creating lucid dreams that are like video games is very easy for a trained lucid dreamer.

They ca easily recreate a game world within their dreams through a simply act of intention. And what’s more, they then get to experience those game worlds as though they were real while simultaneously being able to control every aspect of them!

Because lucid dreams feel real if you create a gaming world within a lucid dream then you will be playing that game as though it were happening for real, in real life.

You can choose to recreate the game to look exactly like it does in digital form in the real world or you can give it a more real world feel and look – i.e. instead of having a cartoon or CGI-looking world and CGI characters (which you can have if you want) you can give them a more real world look and feel (think cosplay).

Obviously the first step to achieving these type of video game dreams is to learn how to become lucid in your dreams.

Only by becoming lucid when you dream can you take control of the dream and build your video dreamworld.

Although everyone can lucid dream, and everyone can learn how to deliberately induce lucid dreams, not everyone is prepared to put in the effort that it requires.

The truth is. there is no magic bullet for lucid dreaming! Videos that claim you can lucid dream in 5 minutes or that you can guarantee in a lucid dream tonight are full of BS.

It is worth the effort though.

If you are willing to put in the effort you can learn how to play your favorite video game in a lucid dream that feels real and is under your complete control.

Learning to become lucid in a dream is by far the most difficult aspect of learning to lucid dream but you must realize that it is not the only skill you need if you want to control your dreams and experience them as though they were real.

If you want to play video games in lucid dreams then you must also learn how to control your lucid dreams. Becoming lucid isn’t enough.

There is good news though, becoming lucid is the hardest part, controlling your dreams is once you are lucid is actually fairly easy once you know the exact techniques to employ.

Practicing those techniques every time you lucid dream soon turns you into an omnipotent power within the dreamworld.

How do you do that?

I always advise would-be lucid dreamers, and even those you can induce lucid dreams, to make the small investment in a really good lucid dreaming course that not only teaches them how to become lucid but that also teaches you how to fully control lucid dreams.

The linked course also keeps you up-to-date with the latest innovations from other lucid dreamers.

So rather than just watching lucid dreaming videos and trying to perfect your lucid dreaming skills alone (which can take a long time or never happen at all) you will make much faster and better progress by get professional training.

Go get dreaming … game on!