January 30, 2024

This Is What Happens If You Look In A Mirror In A Dream

woman looking in lucid dream mirror scary

Lucid dreaming offers fascinating, exciting and often exhilarating experiences. It opens up an entire world of wonder that is just waiting to be explored. But some strange things can happen in lucid dreams.

Just when you aren’t expecting it something strange and mind-bending can happen. Mirrors tend to be objects that lead to strange phenomenon in lucid dreams.

This is what happens if you look in a mirror in a dream

So, what happens when you look in a mirror in a lucid dream?

It is unlikely you will see your normal reflection when you look in a mirror in a lucid dream though it can happen. It is more likely you will see something strange.

Spooky dream mirror reflection

You might see your reflection as a person of a different sex, race, age or even species.

Other times you may see in your reflection representations of aspects of yourself you do not want to acknowledge. You may even see a different world.

What you see in a dream mirror can be exciting or it can be scary.

The role of mirrors in dreams

Even though most lucid dreams are controlled dreams (some lucid dreams are uncontrolled – read this article for more information on that), you are not the one who creates everything that exists in the dreamworld. At least not consciously.

If you had to create everything in your lucid dream consciously you would be too busy to enjoy it. The dreamworld itself is a creation of your subconscious mind and as such it is open to some weird phenomenon.

In the beginning of your lucid dreaming journey most of your lucid dreams will tend to be based in worlds that are similar to our own and that have similar physical laws – though that won’t stop you from flying.

Although you can do anything you want in a controlled lucid dream it is still your subconscious mind that is responsible for the actual building of the dream and all the elements it is consisted of.

It is actually very advantageous to experience a dreamworld that is a close representation of our normal waking environment.

When the dreamworld is a close approximation of the real world it gives the lucid dreamer the opportunity to use the lucid dream for a variety of things.

You can use your dreams to develop and improve real-world skills through practice in the lucid dream world, or for helping with study or even to improve IQ scores (yes you seriously can do that – read this).

But sometimes the laws of physics and the normal world are left far behind in lucid dreams whether we want them to be or not.

Even in the most mundane lucid dream, that closely resembles the real world with all its rules and laws, things are not always as they seem.

Some objects in the dreamworld act strangely no matter how real the dream feels or how much control you have over it. Take the humble mirror for example.

Mirrors in lucid dreams tend to do some strange things.

Now, before I continue I should state that sometimes a lucid dream a mirror is just a mirror.

Sometimes it will merely reflect back to you your own image showing you looking totally normal with nothing out of place.

However, more often than not, it won’t!

Most dream mirrors act strangely.

Mirrors in dreams, both non-lucid and lucid, have a tendency to reflect back strange images that we don’t expect to see.

It is not unusual to look into a mirror in a lucid dream and see someone else looking back at you.

You might see someone of a different age, different race, different sex or even an alien or an animal. Sometimes you will see yourself only you look very different.

In rare cases lucid dreamers have reported seeing zombies or demons staring back them.

Many times a mirror in a lucid dream will reflect back something that your subconscious mind wants to communicate to you.

For example it is possible to see all your internal fears or flaws illustrated on your face or in your body.

Scary mirror reflection
Scary mirror reflection

This may be monstrous and hideous to you or merely interesting depending on the tone of the dream and your own frame of mind.

Likewise, the mirror can show you your highest ideal self in the form of eternal beauty.

Mirrors can also act as gateways to different realms within your lucid dream.

Some lucid dreamers warn against venturing into the unknown territories that mirrors lead to, while others have had profoundly positive experiences by going into the mirror image to explore the new world. More on this later.

It seems that just as lucid dreams are unique to the lucid dreamer, and different objects tend to represent different things to different people, likewise dream mirrors tend to represent different things to different lucid dreamers.

My advice to you is simple: if you frighten easily and feel wary or uneasy when you see a mirror in a lucid dream then follow your gut and steer clear of it.

However, if like me you have an adventurous spirit and love exploring new things, then why not have a look?!

Just remember that you are in a dream and nothing can hurt you no matter how real everything feels. You can also wake yourself easily and stop lucid dreaming at any time if the mirror image upsets you.

Why can’t we see ourselves in the mirror in a dream?

Not all lucid dreamers encounter mirrors when they dream but most of those that do tell of strange apparitions staring back at them. The same is true for normal regular dreams. This leads to the question, why can’t you see yourself in a mirror in a lucid dream?

You can see yourself in a mirror in a lucid dream, sometimes. However, most of the time you can’t see yourself in a mirror in a lucid dream because the reflection represents something that your subconscious mind wants to communicate to you. 

Although you can definitely see your own reflection looking completely normal in a lucid dream mirror, and many lucid dreamers do experience mirrors in that way, most of the time lucid dream mirrors will reflect back to you something completely unexpected.

As well as seeing a different person reflected back to you, as I described in detail above, or seeing yourself in a very different way, a mirror in a lucid dream can also act as a portal to a different realm.

You can use mirrors as dream portals

Some lucid dreamers have reported using mirrors as portals to different worlds. Instead of seeing their own reflection or the reflection of another being when they look into mirrors they see different environments.

They then venture through the mirror to explore.

It seems that in some lucid dreams mirrors represent a way of accessing parallel worlds and alien environments.

Though some more metaphysically-minded lucid dreamers claim these worlds really are parallel realities or alien planets I tend to take a more practical view.

Just as everything in a lucid dream is happening in your own head, while your body sleeps, so too are the parallel worlds, which are accessed by dream mirrors, merely happening inside your own head.

However, because your subconscious mind is so creative and uses every piece of information you have ever registered with your five senses along with every desire, belief, thought and feeling you have ever had, it is capable of creating some truly amazingly unique worlds. Worlds that will pleasantly surprise and shock you most times.

Worlds that you could never have imagined consciously.

So, if you ever come across a mirror that is showing a different scene, or different world, don’t be afraid to take the leap.

Jump or walk through the mirror to the other side and like Alice through the looking glass you may find a world full of wonder.