July 2, 2024

Can Lucid Dreams Predict The Future?

Lucid dreaming the future

Lucid dreams allow you to do many things. In fact, in a lucid dream you can do things that you could never do in the real world. Because you are not bound by the laws of the physical universe lucid dreams offer you the opportunity to do some really awesome stuff. But what about seeing into the future? We have all heard of people having crazy precognitive dreams that saved their lives.

Can lucid dreams predict the future?

There is no scientific evidence that lucid dreams can predict the future.

However, many lucid dreamers believe they have seen the future in their lucid dreams. Neuroscientist Dr. Julia Mossbridge has went on the record stating that dreams can predict the future. 

Can you see the future in your dreams?

Can normal dreams predict the future? Why should we be concerned about this when we are investigating the power of lucid dreams to peer past our current time?

Simple, because if normal dreams can be precognitive then surely lucid dreams, which are consciously directed and more controlled, can be used to predict the future deliberately and more accurately.

So, can you see the future in your dreams?

Even though there is no scientific evidence for it, at least one neuroscientist believes that you can see the future in your dreams.

Although there is lots of anecdotal evidence for precognitive dreams, no serious scientific study has been conducted into it.

We therefore have no scientific evidence that you can see the future in your dreams.

What about all those people who claim to have had precognitive dreams? Surely you must be able to see the future in dreams if so many people have had such dreams!

Surely they cannot all be wrong, lying or deceiving themselves.

Can we accept that dreams can be a gateway to seeing the future or are all the people who claim to have had precognitive dreams liars or delusion?

What point of view should you take on this? Well, it really depends on how reliable you think the people are, who claim to have seen the future in their dreams.

Human nature being what it is we can assume that at least some accounts of precognitive dreams are downright lies. But what about sincere people who claim to have seen the future in their dreams?

The truth of these precognitive episodes could lie in how our memory works.

Our memories are not as accurate as we like to think they are and all too often we can misremember things.

Memory is notoriously unreliable.

So, it is all too easy to see something happening in real-time and relate those events to a dream we had in the past.

Of course this is rarely done intentionally.

It is a normal human reaction to see a connection where one does not really exist as we are hardwired to look for patterns in things – that’s how we recognise a face on a person but also why can see a face on a piece of toast!

The fact that I have yet to hear someone make a prediction, based on a dream they had, before the event took place in the real world confirms the above theory.

Most precognitive dreams only come to light after the fact.

We’ve all heard the expression, “Oh my, I had a dream about this”. People tend to connect an event to a dream they had after the event has taken place.

Having said that, there are some really spooky cases of precognitive dreams and even a few famous ones.

What does science tell us about precognitive dreams?

The doctor who claims the brain can see the future in dreams

Dr Julia Mossbridge has spent 15 years studying precognition and has enlisted the help of at least one US research institute, Northwestern University, to help her determine if precognition exists.

In her years of research she believes she has found clear evidence that, along with having strong precognitive feelings while awake, people can predict the future in their dreams.

She cites examples in her book The Premonition Code.

However it is not just science that is being used to claim we can see the future in our dreams. There are much older sources. The bible, for example,  says the same thing.

Biblical precognitive dreams

There are 21 accounts of important dreams in the bible.

Many of these biblical accounts of vivid are very similar to lucid dreams and many of them are prophetic in nature.

In fact, there are claims made in the bible that there will be more prophetic dreams to come in the last days. Although off topic slightly, these biblical accounts strongly back-up the belief that lucid dreaming is neither a sin nor is it evil.

If we are to believe that precognition in regular dreams is really possible then surely we should be able to tap into this sixth sense via the much more controlled state of lucid dreaming.

If you can do anything in a lucid dream, which you can, can you see the future?

Can you see the future in a lucid dream?

There is a reddit forum thread that I think sums up the use of lucid dreams for future prediction.

When a user asked if it was possible to use a lucid dream for precognitive purposes (question given verbatim below) there was a very funny answer given by the user gymymaq.

The response is so apt to our current topic that I had to include it here.

In response to the question “is it possible to predict the future in a lucid dream?”, the user gymymaq wrote, “Absolutely. You can predict many things about the future in dreams, both lucid and non lucid. However most of your predictions will end up to be wrong.”


I think user gymymaq makes a very valid point.

Even if we skip all the post-prophetic dream predictions that we only hear about after the event and analyze only those dreams and lucid dreams that were openly discussed before the real event occurred, I think we will find that a vast majority of them were wrong.

People only focus on the ones that were right and that amounts to a tiny fraction of the overall predictions.

Statistically speaking, if you have a lot of dream predictions the law of probability means at least a few of them will be right.

How to see the future in your dreams

Ok, so if I am of the view that you can’t use your lucid dreams to see the future (which in truth I am actually on the fence about) why this section?

Well it is actually possible to see, or even visit, the future in a lucid dream. Because lucid dreams feel just as real as real life (at least controlled lucid dreams do – more about that here) you can easily visit a dreamworld that represents the future.

This dreamworld will look and feel real … but it won’t be real.

When you make the intention to visit the future in a lucid dream your subconscious mind will use all the information at its disposal to create a world that looks and feels like the future to you.

It is your conception of what the future will like that will heavily influence the type of future dreamworld you experience, even if this is just at a subconscious level.

So in the same way that you can go back in time in a lucid dream, you can also use your lucid dreams to see and visit a vibrant and clear future, but it is unlikely you will be seeing anything that is really to come at some future time.

Why not use your lucid dreams to create the future instead?!

Instead of trying to predict the future with your lucid dreams why not create it?

Now although there are lucid dreamers who claim that you can use lucid dreams to manifest or even shift realities, this is not what I am talking about when I say you can use your lucid dreams to create the future.

I am referring to your ability to use your lucid dreams to affect reality in more down-to-earth ways.

Though they are just as epic.

It is possible to use your lucid dreams to improve your real-world skills in just the same as practicing in the real world can improve those skills.

By simply practicing a skill in a lucid dream you can greatly improve your performance in the waking world.

You are, in essence, using your lucid dream to program your mind and body for success. Just like visualization – or as NASA calls it Visual Motor Rehearsal.

Additionally, if you are an academic student you can also use lucid dreams to help you study.

As a goal-achievement mechanism lucid dreaming can also be very powerful.

By experiencing your real-world goal in a lucid dream, examples could be getting a promotion at work or losing weight, you can motivate yourself to take the necessary actions to make this happen in the real world.

You can also test different scenarios to see which one is most likely to result in a successful conclusion.

So what are you waiting for, get dreaming now!

Check out this amazing lucid dreaming course, that comes with its own community of experienced lucid dreamers, and you could be enjoying future-creating lucid dreams very soon.