May 21, 2024

Is Lucid Dreaming Evil? No, and here’s how we know.

Are lucid dreams evil

Lucid Dreaming can be exciting, and even very rewarding when you know how to use it right, but having the ability to satiate your every desire leads some people to justifiably worry that this skill may be sinful or even evil. Is lucid dreaming just an innocent and natural skill we can use for fun and personal growth or is it, at its core, evil?

Lucid Dreaming is not evil. In fact, we are told in the Bible that dreams, in their essence, are neither good nor bad and have no effect on us in the real world. However, as God used vivid lifelike dreams (lucid dreams) to communicate with biblical characters, showing them the future and giving them instructions we can assume that they are the very opposite of evil.

What the Bible tells us about dreams

In the article is lucid dreaming biblical I list for the reader every time dreams and dreaming are mentioned in the bible.

When you review each of those dreams it becomes very evident that dreams are extremely important to God. We also see that the type of dreams God uses are lucid in their nature.

God has always used dreams to speak to his people, to show them visions of what is going to occur in the future, to warn them of impending danger and to give them instructions for what they must do when they wake up.

Dreams are a very important vehicle God uses to communicate with man.

However, the bible clearly shows us that dreams, in and of themselves in their very nature, are neither good nor bad.

Isaiah 29:8 is a perfect example of this. It states, “… as when a hungry person dreams of eating, but awakens hungry still; as when a thirsty person dreams of drinking, but awakens faint and thirsty still …”.

The above passage has a more spiritual message to tell us when taken in context of the full text but for our purposes we will only look at exactly what the Bible is telling us.

It is telling us that dreams have no real substance. If we eat in a dream and are satisfied and full, it will not feed our physical body and we will still awaken hungry.

Dreams are ethereal in nature. This means they can have no negative effect on us in the waking world.

Although it is true that you can use lucid dreaming to affect reality in certain ways, by helping you to study better or even improve your real-world skills, the dream itself has no real effect on you physically.

Likewise, the Bible points to the fact that dreams have no effect on us spiritually either.

Even when the Bible talks about false prophets and false dreamers, it is never the dream that is evil but the way the dream is used in waking life to lead God’s children astray.

In Deuteronomy 13:1-3 we see evidence of this when we are warned about following false dreamers.

We see that it is not the dream that is evil, because it was sent from God to test his subjects, but it is the following of the false prophet who tells you the dream that is evil and sinful.

I am sure we can all agree that God is good and is the exact opposite of evil.

Therefore we must determine that not only is dreaming not evil but that it can actually be viewed as holy when used by God as a conduit for communicating with us.

But what about lucid dreaming?

Dreams are neither holy nor evil but what about lucid dreams?

In the article is lucid dreaming a sin I clearly show why experiencing lucid dreams is not in any way sinful or evil.

I also demonstrate why practicing lucid dreaming is not dangerous to you spiritually either as long as you follow some simple rules.

If lucid dreams were evil God would not have used them to communicate with biblical prophets.

Lucid dreams can be used for all sorts of things and that includes things that are good and wholesome or things that are evil and sinful.

But, the lucid dreams themselves are not good and wholesome nor sinful and evil. It is how we use them that makes them so.

For example, there is nothing evil about using your lucid dreams to enjoy skydiving, flying like an angel or swimming with dolphins.

Nor is it in any way bad to use your lucid dreams to help you study better, become smarter or improve your life.

Lucid dreams only become spiritually dangerous if you start to use them to do things that you would consider sinful if you did them when you were awake.

Don’t do anything in a lucid dream that you would consider a sin if you did it in real life and you will be fine.

Is lucid dreaming new age?

The growth of new age teachings has really accelerated in recent years.

These days new age terminology has become a part of our everyday language.

For instance it is not popular to substitute Yahweh or God with the term “the universe” and “mother nature”.

New age converts tend to worship the creation rather than the creation.

With lucid dreaming often being talked about in new age circles it is not unreasonable for someone new to the topic to think that it is a new age concept.

But is lucid dreaming new age?

Lucid dreaming is not a new age concept. It has been practiced for thousands of years, most notably by Tibetan dream yogis.

Lucid dreams are also documented in the Bible and many holy people were able to lucid dream in more recent times. 

The reason why some people think lucid dreaming is new age is because the new age community has embraced lucid dreaming (or hijacked it depending on your point of view).

And, to a greater or lesser degree, differing new age schools of thought have altered the core concepts of dream lucidity. They’ve done this in order to use lucid dreaming for their own purposes and to promote their own agenda.

For example, no matter what people in the new age movement say, lucid dreams are not a portal to other realms nor are they a way to make “the universe” yield to our desires.

Neither are they some form of parallel existence or astral world. Lucid Dreams occur in your mind and have very real causes that have their root in how the brain functions while you sleep.

There is nothing mystical or metaphysical about them! But this doesn’t stop the new age movement from making some extraordinary and completely erroneous statements about lucid dreaming.

Some in the new age movement will even claim that two people can share the same lucid dream and that you can use your lucid dream to manifest because at your essence you are God (which you aren’t!).

Although I truly believe that most people in the new age movement have honorable intentions, a great many (if not all) new age teachings are evil in my opinion. At the very least they are sinful.

Why do I say this?

Well, new age doctrine promotes the same lie that Satan has been telling mankind since the Garden of Eden – that you are God. This was the root cause behind mankind’s fall and expulsion from the |Garden of Eden.

Unfortunately, because the new age movement has embraced lucid dreaming, and many try to incorporate it into their spiritual teachings, in the Christian community (and other spiritual disciplines) lucid dreaming has gotten an unworthy bad rep.

Lucid dreaming is a natural skill.

It is not new age nor is it evil.

Anyone can learn how to lucid dream simply because it is a natural ability that God saw fit to give us. In fact, lucid dreams are evident throughout the Bible, albeit they are uncontrolled lucid dreams, but they are lucid dreams nonetheless.

What it all means – are lucid dreams evil?

As I have clearly pointed out in this article, dreams are documented throughout the bible because they are important to God.

He uses them for prophecy and we read about many biblical characters receiving messages from God in dreams and getting instructions from him.

But, we have also seen that dreams themselves are neither good nor bad.

Doing something in a dream will have no effect on you after you wake up. Like eating in a dream won’t stop you from being hungry when you awaken.

At the end of the day it is simple: if lucid dreaming was evil God would have told us so in the Bible. Instead the bible is filled with lucid dreaming experiences.

The Bible has some very clear instructions about what we can and cannot do if we want to stay in God’s good graces.

If lucid dreaming were bad we would have been told in the Bible not to do it. However, the opposite seems be the case.

Remember also that lucid Dreams are no different from ordinary dreams in their nature and structure.

A dream is just a dream regardless of whether you are consciously aware in it or unconscious. In a lucid dream you are just awake and aware.

Now, obviously because you can do anything you want in a lucid dream that means you are free to do questionable things.

Just as you can sin in the waking world you can just as easily sin in a lucid dream.

The only danger lucid dreaming holds, for a Christian or spiritually-minded person, is that it offers you a way to easily sin without any other person finding out.

Of course God see everything. But, the opportunity to abuse your ability to do anything you want could lead the weak in faith to do things that they would never do in the waking world.

Does the ability to sin in a lucid dream make them evil?


We may live in a fallen world but just because you can sin in it that doesn’t mean the world is evil.

Likewise, just because you can do evil things in a lucid dream it doesn’t make lucid dreaming evil.

It makes your actions evil not the environment in which you do them.

Lucid dreams are just vehicles for experiencing fun things and improving yourself.

They are neither good nor bad. It is in the use of them that makes them so.

If you use your lucid dreams for non-sinful activities and fun things (even wacky and off-the-wall impossible things) then they are no more harmful to you spiritually than watching a good wholesome movie or daydreaming about fun stuff.

However, if you use them to do sinful and evil things then you are doing evil.

The lucid dream is not to blame.

If you are interested in learning how to lucid dream be sure to check out this amazing course that comes with access to a great community of lucid dreamers who can help you on your lucidity journey.