June 26, 2024

Spirituality & Lucid Dreams. Is There A Connection?

Spiritual lucid dreams

Lucid dreaming can be really fun and also rewarding but many spiritually-minded people worry about the effect lucid dreaming may have on them spiritually. Others wonder if lucid dreaming itself has a spiritual meaning.

So, is there a spiritually meaning behind lucid dreaming?

Looking For A Connection Between Spirituality & Lucid Dreaming

In this article I will delve into the perceived connection between spirituality and lucid dreaming.

Due to the fact that lucid dreams are very vivid and very lifelike many people believe there is a spiritual aspect to these type of nighttime activities.

Spiritual awakening meditation

When you twin that with the common “spiritual” or religious experiences that lucid dreamers sometimes encounter it is no wonder many people believe there is a link between the spiritual realm and the dreamworld.

Let’s investigate the possibility of a spiritual link between vivid lucid dreaming and spirituality to see if lucid dreams have a spiritual meaning.

Lucid dreams – spiritual meaning or just vivid night visions?

DO lucid dreams have a spiritual meaning to them?

Lucid dreams have no spiritual meaning at all. A lucid dream is no different from a regular dream, at least from a spiritual point of view.

However, because you can do anything in a lucid dream and it feels like real life, doing unsavory or spiritually wicked things in a lucid dream can affect you spiritually in a number of ways.

The real meaning of lucid dreams & what they represent to the dreamer

I stated many times on this website that that not all lucid dreams are created equal. Some are more powerful than others.

Controlled lucid dreams differ from uncontrolled lucid dreams in some key ways. But, regardless of the type of lucid dream you find yourself in, what do lucid dreams represent to the dreamer?

Uncontrolled lucid dreams can represent anything from unachieved goals and desires to fears and subconscious blockages.

Learning to read dream signs will help determine the meaning of each uncontrolled lucid dream. Controlled lucid dreams do not represent anything because the dreamer is consciously directing the dream, and everything and everyone in it.

Obviously if you take full control over a lucid dream and begin to direct every aspect of it, the dream itself will have no meaning at all.

You become the producer, the scriptwriter, the director and the actor in your interactive movie and so the lucid dream only has a meaning if you give it one.

The more common type of lucid dream, an uncontrolled lucid dream, is a different matter.

Uncontrolled lucid dreams can have a myriad of meanings and can represent a number of different things to the dreamer. No-one can properly interpret your lucid dreams for you (except maybe Daniel).

If you want to learn more about the differences between an uncontrolled lucid dream and a controlled lucid dream read this article and this one for further clarification.

So, to understand what your lucid dream represents to you on a personal level the first thing you should do is consider the setting of the dream.

How does the dreamworld make you feel? Are you safe, comfortable & secure or do you feel uneasy or even afraid?

The setting of a lucid dream, and the general feel of it, can often tell us what that particular dream represents to us. Your subconscious mind may be trying to communicate with you in an uncontrolled lucid dream and it will always do this through symbolism.

In both controlled and uncontrolled lucid dreams you will also encounter dream characters. These characters represent different aspects of our own psyche and can offer you some really deep and meaningful insight into how your own mind works. To find out what these characters represent often all you have to do is ask them!

Dreams, both lucid and non-lucid, are filled with symbolism. The symbolism in your lucid dreams are the gateways to understanding them.

Dream symbols represent real things in your life.

Consider studying dream symbolism and learning to read your own dream signs to determine what each symbol means and what your subconscious mind is trying to communicate with you.

But what about the spiritual meaning of lucid dreams? With so much dreaming and lucid dreaming happening in the bible is it such a stretch to think that your lucid dreams may be spiritual in nature?

Let’s find out!

Exploring the possibility of lucid dreams having a spiritual origin

The bible is filled with cases of vivid dreams, prophetic dreams and dreams that were used as a vehicle by God for communicating with his chosen people.

It seems that dreams can be very spiritual indeed. However, for most of us, dreams are just dreams – even lucid ones.

Lucid dreams are not spiritual. They have measurable physical causes that lie in specific brain activity which itself is very mundane and ordinary.

55% of the population will experience at least 1 lucid dream while up to 37% have 1 or more every month.

Lucid dreaming has such natural causes that anyone can learn how to do it.

A spiritual dream

Lucid dreams are no different in structure than regular dreams. In fact, when we have a lucid dream it is not the dream that changes but our level of consciousness.

It is the brain activity that changes when someone lucid dreams.

The brain activity that occurs in a lucid dream differs from the brain activity that occurs when we have a regular dream.

This is the main cause for lucid dreams. But, this brain activity is not abnormal or in any way strange or unusual.

The type of brain activity that occurs in a lucid dream mimics the brain activity that occurs when we are awake and fully consciously focused.

In other words, when you are consciously engaged in an activity, like learning a new skill that requires concentration, you are displaying similar brain activity to a lucid dreamer.

It is this focused mental state that causes the dreamer to become lucid as they dream.

The dream itself remains the same. It is the dreamer’s mental state that changes.

A lucid dreamer wakes-up consciously in a lucid dream while their body remains asleep (one reason why some lucid dreamers experience sleep paralysis after waking from a lucid dream).

We can therefore say that lucid dreams have very ordinary and measurable physical causes and are not spiritual in nature.

In fact, lucid dreaming has such natural causes that everyone can learn how to do it.

If you want to delve deeper into this subject matter be sure to read the article are lucid dreams spiritual.

There can be potential spiritual consequences of lucid dreaming however

Okay, so lucid dreams have no spiritual meaning in and of themselves.

We have seen that it is the state of the dreamer that changes in a lucid dream not the core mechanism behind the dream.

This means that lucid dreams themselves are not spiritual nor are they evil. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be used that way!

As I explained in the article is lucid dreaming a sin, lucid dreams are neither good nor bad however they can be used in both ways.

Let me explain how this works, though before I do let me first say that I am talking about controlled lucid dreams.

Uncontrolled lucid dreams, over which you have no control, cannot be used for anything bad because you cannot force anything to happen.

You merely react in an uncontrolled lucid dream.

So, if you are worried about the consequences of sinning or being spiritually affected by an uncontrolled lucid dream you have nothing to worry about.

Controlled lucid dreams are a different kettle of fish though.

Because controlled lucid dreams feel like real life, and are so vivid and clear, whatever you do in one will feel the same as if you were doing it in real life.

Spiritual awakening

When you add the fact that you can do anything you want to in a lucid dream, no matter how socially or spiritually unacceptable it would be to do it in real life, then you can start to see where the spiritual danger lies.

It is possible to commit sin in a lucid dream just the same way you can commit sin in the real world.

However, because there will never be any physical ramifications for your lucid dreaming actions, and because no-one will know what you did, the temptation can be strong to give-in to your most wicked desires.

This is where the spiritual danger of lucid dreaming lies. It allows you the opportunity to indulge your wicked side and do things that you would never do in real life.

We should not blame lucid dreaming for this.

The type of person who will use lucid dreams to commit sin and spiritual wickedness is the type of person who would do it in real life if they knew they wouldn’t get caught!

Blame the person not the dream.

If you are a spiritually-minded and respectful person in real life then you will be no different in a lucid dream.

You will have nothing to worry about from a spiritual point of view.

Simply don’t do anything in a lucid dream that you would consider evil or sinful if you did it in the real world and you will be fine.

If you are interested in learn how to lucid dream check out this amazing course that has its own community of lucid dreamers to connected to it.

The members of the community help each other out and share tips, insights and new techniques with each other so everyone gets the most from their lucid dreams.