May 27, 2024

Lucid Dreaming Course Step 1: Keeping a Record

The foundation of regular lucid dreaming is built upon your very own personal dream journal.

A dream journal is a crucial component of frequent lucid dreaming. You’ll find that there are plenty of benefits from starting one.

dream journalIt helps you recall what you just dreamed about which is an essential part of the lucid experience; after all you don’t want to live out your fantasies just to forget the experiences afterwards!

Keeping a journal will also help trigger lucidity by helping you to identify recurring dream signs and themes, as I will explain later.

Do not overlook the importance of keeping a dream journal.

This is where 90% of people who try to lucid dream fail. A dream journal is an essential component of learning to lucid dream for 99% of the population.

Keeping a record of your dreams may seem like a simple process indeed but it goes a long way in helping you experience frequent lucid dreaming.

I listed some key reasons for keeping a record of your dreams.


Key Reasons For Keeping a Dream Journal

  • To better remember your dreams. Record the most vivid ones right after waking.
  • In order to make things easier for yourself, write down the dates of your dreams. It would also help if you can give a title to each one of them.
  • If you became lucid in a particular dream then make note of it.
  • Make note of recurring themes or signals within your dreams. Our dreams often contain the same objects, people or places even when the dreams are completely different from each other. By recognizing these “dream signs” as dream signs in the waking world (through the use of your dream journal) you can become spontaneously lucid in a dream when you see the sign and realize that you are dreaming.
  • Take special note of impossible things happening around you. If something is operating against natural laws in your environment then you can be pretty sure that you are dreaming as this can help you become lucid (conscious awareness that you are dreaming is enough for 99% of people to become lucid).
  • To help you recall the exact moment of your dreams, write about it as if it is still happening in the present. It can also help if you draw or sketch your dreams, if you are able to.

How to Remember Your Dreams

Some people experience the first stumbling block to lucid dreaming straight away because they can’t remember their dreams.

Some people only remember parts of the dream in a disjointed fashion while others cannot remember dreaming at all.

People who do not remember their dreams mistakenly think that they do not dream at all.

However, since everyone experiences the dream state as a natural part of their sleep cycle people who cannot recall dreaming need only learn how to remember their dreams.

Here’s how you can do it:


    • Use supplements. Dream enhancing supplements, that is. Choose from any of the popular brands that are easily available from sources such as Amazon.

hypnosis for lucid dreaming

    • An alternative to taking supplements is the use of hypnosis. Self hypnosis is an effective way to do it and let you recall more dreams and then become lucid. You can easily learn self hypnosis from an experienced coach.

remember dreams alarm

  • Perhaps the best option you have is to have yourself woken up during REM sleep. The moment right before you wake up is usually a great time for dreams. Doing this would improve your chances of remembering your dreams. You can do this by setting an alarm to sound approximately 90 minutes after you usually fall asleep.


This very first lesson is fairly simple and easy to implement.

It’s all about recording your dreams so you have both a record of your dreams and so that you can learn to recall your dreams easily.

The added benefit of a dream journal is that it helps you to recognize dream signs.

When you then see a dream sign you can be become conscious that you are dreaming and you will become lucid.

I suggest you start using your dream journal as soon as possible because it stands as the foundation for the forthcoming lessons and is sure to help you achieve frequent lucid dreaming.

If you have trouble with any of the steps in this course you should consider buying the fairly inexpensive but proven lucid dreaming boot camp from a master lucid dreamer.

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