April 19, 2024
Woman lucid dreaming real life

Can Lucid Dreams Become Real?

April 2, 20210

Lucid dreams sure are a lot of fun. Being able to live out your wildest fantasies in a safe environment over which you have complete control is a blast. But is it all just illusion […read more]

Woman flying in induced lucid dream

Can Lucid Dreams Come Naturally?

April 2, 20210

Having a lucid dream is an exciting prospect. Flying stealth helicopters, battling sith lords, having a secret liaison with your favorite celebrity or just hanging out on a tropical beach with a long lost relative […read more]

Hazy unclear lucid dream image

Are Lucid Dreams Clear and Vivid?

March 30, 20210

Lucid dreaming fascinates most non-lucid dreamers. The allure of being able to experience anything you want, within a dreamworld over which you have complete control, is tantalising. But if a lucid dream is just as […read more]

Woman having a lucid dream

Is Lucid Dreaming Rare or Common?

January 21, 20210

Many people view lucid dreamers as fortunate individuals who, being aware that they are dreaming, have god-like powers over their dreamworld and everything in it. They believe that having the ability to turn “lost” sleep […read more]

Woman frustrated trying to lucid dream

Does Lucid Dreaming Get Easier?

January 16, 20210

Lucid dreaming is an amazing skill that opens up a whole new world of possibilities to the dreamer. If you are interested in the topic then you will have heard amazing stories of the exciting […read more]

Sleeping and having a lucid dream

Why Do I Lucid Dream Every Night?

September 9, 20200

Lucid dreaming can be fun, enlightening and a great way to help you develop real-world skills. With a little training it can even be used to delve deep into our own issues and to resolve […read more]

lucid dreaming benefits

15 Fabulous Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

February 19, 20180

The general perception among non-lucid dreamers is that lucid dreaming is just for fun. Even though it might be an engrossing experience, and it certainly does offer a vast array of opportunities for fun based […read more]

top 10 lucid dreaming tips

Top 10 Lucid Dreaming Tips

January 17, 20180

Have you seen the movie “The Matrix”? How about “Vanilla Sky”? In both movies characters are in a dream world that feels so real, they didn’t know the difference between their sleep worlds and reality. […read more]

Lucid Dreaming Night Skills

January 13, 20171

The term “lucid dreaming” originated with the Dutch writer and psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden. He used the word “lucid” in its literal sense to refer to a state of clarity. In the case of lucid […read more]