April 17, 2024

Lucid Dreaming Course Step 8: Instant Dream Control

Our lessons in lucidity this far have been are aimed at teaching you lucid dreaming techniques that can be used to improve your dream control. wbtbThis additional lesson is one of the best ways to become lucid because it works for the vast majority of people.

It is know as the Wake-Back-to-Bed-Technique or “WBTB” for short.

For those of you that are still having trouble enter the lucid state this technique would be perfect in combination with the lucid dream supplements that we discussed in the previous lesson.

This technique is so easy to do it makes it ideal for beginners.


The Wake-Back-to-Bed-Technique is very straight forward and easy to apply.

The key to making it work is to wake yourself up deliberately at a time when you would normally be in the middle of your normal sleep pattern.

Here’s how it goes:

alarm-wbtb• Make sure you get at least six hours of sleep. To make sure you wake up on time, set your alarm clock or have someone else wake you up at a specific time.

• You need to be fully alert once you wake up. Keep your mind busy and occupied with anything that is related to dreams.

There are different activities to choose from such as reading a book or writing in your journal, among others.

• Once half an hour to an hour has passed, return to your bed. This is now the time to take your lucid dream supplement if you want to.

Keep yourself relaxed the whole time.

Start visualizing your preferred lucid dream landscape.

See how easy it is?

This technique will help you get a better chance of experiencing lucid dreams.

Why The WBTB Technique Works

Let’s look at how WBTB works.

Although it’s actually quite easy to do it is very effective because it interrupts your normal sleeping pattern.

It helps you manipulate your cycles of sleep making you conscious at a time when your most vivid dreams would normally be occurring.

This is the time when there is increased REM activity.

Every time you sleep, you benefit from several periods of REM sleep.

This is the kind of sleep that’s very important both physically and psychologically.

During deep sleep your subconscious mind rebuilds the cells o your body, repairs minor and major damage in the cells and it is also the time that your subconscious mind works out the details of your day and arranges it for proper brain function (like defragmenting a hard drive on a computer).

When you wake yourself up during a sleep cycle you are interrupting the normal function of your sleep and sending a clear message to your subconscious mind to make you conscious during these times in future.

When You Wake During a Sleep Cycle

dream clockAfter you awaken and while you are conscious, in what is known as your “alert time”, make sure that you are reading something about lucid dreaming.

Whatever you remain focused on while in this alert time will likely carry over into the dream world when you go back to sleep.

When you practice WBTB regularly over time your brain will learn how to release what is often called “wake up” hormones automatically after about six hours of sleep when you are more likely to be in the R.E.M. state.

This simple technique is best practiced on your days off when you are not working as the distribution in sleep can lead to fatigue during the working day.

However, if you do it regularly even just once or twice a week it can lead to even more lucid dreams than you would normally have using just the other techniques.

Until the next lesson keep practicing.

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