June 2, 2024

Scary Lucid Dreams. 3 Terrifying Lucid Dream Stories

lucid dreaming stories

Below are 3 scary lucid dreaming stories that may put you off learning how to lucid dream but don’t let them.

When you become a fully experienced lucid dreaming you can easily use nightmares to your advantage and you can easily learn from them while also making sure they turn out more positively than before.

3 Scary Lucid Dream Stories That Will Keep You Up At Night

Below are 3 real account s of scary lucid dreams that happened to real people.

While you read these accounts please remember that if you become a fully trained lucid dreamer you can avoid similar scary lucid dreams or even control them when they happen.

Now, let’s get to the scary lucid dream stories.

1. Stuck in a Cycle of Scary Lucid Dreams

Even scary lucid dreams happen within your own mindWhile he has definitely mastered the skills of putting lucid dreaming to good use now, in the beginning it was not always like that.

Justin was an anxious young kid, and that did not help him to face the darker sides of his subconscious mind, especially in his dreams.

His anxiety led him to see the world of lucid dreaming as a gateway to the spiritual realms after accidentally coming across the topic in a public library.

He started off like many other new lucid dreamer would. When he first mastered the skill of lucid dreaming he was delighted at what he could do in his nigh-time world.

He would fly around the room and visit places that had filled him with wonder and awe.

He climbed the pyramids in ancient Egypt, walk the Great Wall of China and even traveled to a distant planet in space.

However, as Justin did not continue to develop his lucid dreaming skills things began to take a darker turn when his subconscious started to take him to dark places.

Because he had not fully learned how to control his dreamworld he could no longer stop his lucid dreams from turning into lucid nightmares.

Justin’s lucid nightmares begin

Some people may think that this lucid dreaming became dangerous when midway-through his dreams he started seeing demons pursuing him. He was literally experience himself being condemned to hell for all eternity.

At other times he never fully woke up in the dream – he would be conscious during his dream but he would not be in control.

Lucid dreaming nightmareOn these occasions Justin would find himself stuck in a state of sleep paralysis then someone would smash into his dream-world bedroom with a long knife, stabbing him over and over again.

Because he was fully conscious in a lucid dream Justin would feel the pain of each stab.

Regardless of how hard he tried to wake up into the real world his body and mind would just not respond.

When he did eventually wake up it was only to realize that that he had ‘woke up’ into another lucid nightmare.

Many times he would find himself stuck this endless cycle of waking from one nightmare to another until his body woke normally after sleep.

The lucid nightmares stop

As Justin grew older his lucid nightmares began to lessen.

However, what Justin did not understand was that he could have tackled these nightmares head-on and even greatly benefited from them.

Don't stop dreaming just overcome nightmaresIt is obvious that Justin’s subconscious mind was trying to deal with a situation in his life, or within his own psyche, and work it out within the dream world. This is completely natural and happens to both lucid dreamers and non lucid dreamers.

Most of the time we don’t remember these dreams or when we do we quickly forget them because they have that hazy dreamy feel in the waking world.

However, in Justin’s case because he could awaken consciously within his dreams he experienced these nightmares as though they were reality.

How Justin could have overcome his lucid nightmares easily

Justin had only developed the ability to become conscious in his dreams and had only explored basic skills within that world so when his subconscious mind gave him situations that an experienced lucid dreamer would use to their advantage Justin did not have the skills needed to deal them.

How to stop lucid dreaming nightmaresYour subconscious mind can be likened to a very young child that has no real discernment and takes everything at face value and believes everything it is told.

It wants only to keep you safe and would never deliberately it you in harms way. So these dreams were being given to Justin to help him grow emotionally by taking charge of them.

Justin’s subconscious mind realized he was a lucid dreamer and gave him situation to deal with consciously, for his own self-improvement, But, Justin had was not a skilled lucid dreamer – he stopped his training once he could wake-up in his dreams.

Had Justin fully developed his lucid dreaming skills these lucid nightmares would have been great opportunities to grow as a person. In fact, he probably would have only had one or two at the most.

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For more information on overcoming lucid nightmares using 3 simple steps read this.

2. Scary Lucid Dreams From Reddit Lead To Disassociation

I am awakeOn Reddit, back 4 years ago, user jesigigs detailed a story of how her boyfriend spiraled into madness and dissociation from reality after trying to learn to lucid dream.

After several lucid dreaming attempts, he started showing signs of dissociation when he asked her to marry him.

He believed he needed to practice it while he was still dreaming as he wanted to make sure he could do it right when the time came to ask her in the real world.

Of course he wasn’t dreaming at all.

This is very much akin to what happened to the main character’s wife in Inception where she killed herself believing it would wake her from a lucid dream when in fact she was already awake.

Lucid dreaming or disassociation – dreams are not always to blame

Soon, jesigigs’ boyfriend started to get worse, with words getting less and less pronounced and most of the time he was unable to complete a single sentence.

Lucid dreaming nightmaresIt got to the point where he was only able to say a single word and leave it at that, confused at what he was trying to say.

Understandably, she was worried out of her mind and contacted his family members before bringing him to the hospital.

When he was brought there, he acted over-stimulated and paranoid and did not appear to have coherent thoughts.

He had to be hospitalized, during the process of which he struggled hard.

The problem wasn’t in his head but in his mind

The weird part?

DissociationThere were no abnormalities in the CAT scan he received at the hospital and no foreign bodies in his system that have been making him act in a strange manner.

So is lucid dreaming bad and is it bad to try to learn to lucid dream?

So, does this scary lucid dreaming story show that lucid dreaming is bad?

Lucid dreaming in and of itself isn’t bad!

Lucid dreaming is just a tool. You dream anyway so asking if lucid dreaming is bad is like asking if dreaming is bad.

Lucid dreaming is natural and many people can do it from birth without any training. Also, the fact that anyone can learn how to do is a strong indicator that it is a natural inherent ability within everyone.

Hundreds of thousands of people lucid dream every night without any problems and many of them have used their lucid dreams to solve problems, learn new skills and work-out old traumas and negative past experiences.

Lucid dreaming can be a very helpful personal-development tool as well as a great way to live out your fantasies.

The real cause of the dissociation in this scary story was not lucid dreaming

The original Reddit contributor who relayed this story truly believed her boyfriend’s problems arose from trying to learn how to lucid dream … at least in the beginning.

Then she changed her mind!

Reddit lucid dreaming post update

In a follow- up post the same girl blames something else completely on his dissociative behavior but really she is just trying to find an explanation where one may not reside.

Her boyfriend obviously was experiencing some form of emotional and mental trauma that may or may not have been triggered by what he was doing.

But, in all likelihood he would have experienced these detachments from reality at some point regardless of whether he tried to learn to lucid dream or not.

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3. Scary Lucid Dreams & The Old Hag Syndrome

A famous article from the Creepypasta Wiki talked about lucid dreaming sleep paralysis.

old hag syndromeSleep paralysis can be scary, because like the person in the story, you realize upon waking up from one of your dreams that you have woken up, but your body hasn’t.

The auditory & visual hallucinations that can occur during a sleep paralysis episode can seem so real that many people can understandably confuse it with reality.

Many times people will feel a pressure on their chest making them breathless.

The old hag is a very common sleep experience

The old hag syndrome is experienced by so many people that it cannot be a coincidence. Many people believe this is a form of demonic attack while others believe it is a psychological event common to the human race.

Whatever you believe this experience the sensations that accompany it are so real that it is hard to ignore them.

When it happens though you really don’t care what caused it. You just want to stop it.

What the old hag does in dreams

During an old hag visitation “dreamers” are not able to avert their eyes or move their head; they’re fixated on a single spot.

You can avoid old hag dreams by learning how to lucid dreamThey sometimes see figures taking form around them in their peripheral vision and may even hear evil whispers or angry hissing.

Many people find that they are happy to awake only to find themselves still paralyzed. Next to them they see their spouse, who did not survive the Old Hag Syndrome, stuck in an eternal look of fear on their face with a jagged wound to her throat.

These “dreams” are so vivid and detailed that one wonders how so many people, thousands of miles apart and raised in different cultures, can share the very same experience.

How to Avoid & Control Scary Lucid Dreams

No-one needs to fear nightmares. You can conquer all your night-time terrors simply by learning how to lucid dream properly.

When you have full lucid dreaming control, i.e. you have all the lucid dreaming skills you need to be an expert lucid dreamer, you never need to fear a nightmare again.

If you are looking for immediate ways to start lucid dreaming be sure to get proper training so you can avoid the types of lucid dreaming nightmares shared in this post.

Always strive to learn new skills and practice your training on lucid dreaming so you always have full control in the dream state.

There is a type of dream that some people experience known as a lucid nightmare.

This is very different from a standard nightmare and can be a truly scary experience. Dealing with a lucid nightmare requires a different approach. Read more about it here.

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