Do Lucid Dream Pills Work? Only When Used This Way!

lucid dreaming pills

When you first hear about lucid dreaming it can be exciting. But having to go through multiple different induction techniques until you find one that works and having to perform daily reality checks can be too much effort for some people. So, it is no wonder would-be lucid dreamers have been seeking an easier way to lucid dream. Supplements have become one popular way of making lucid dreaming easier but do lucid dream pills work or are they just a waste of money?

Lucid dream pills work to help induce more vivid dreams, improve dream memory and enhance neurotransmitters in the brain. Thus they give you a better chance of becoming lucid but they will only help when they are used in conjunction with lucid dreaming induction techniques. They are not a magic bullet for lucid dreaming but are a very useful aid. 

Why a shortcut to lucid dreaming is needed

Lucid dreaming has such a draw for many people that it has become big business. Having the ability to do anything you want in an environment that looks, feels, and that is essentially real to the mind, is not just exciting and alluring but it also offers almost unlimited possibilities. The only limitation in a lucid dream are those imposed by your own imagination.

Not only can you live out your fantasies as though you were experiencing them in real life but the god-like powers you have over the entire dreamworld and everything in it can be exhilarating. But these aren’t the only reasons the interest in lucid dreaming has continued to grow since the late 1980’s when Stephen LaBerge first brought it to the attention of the scientific community and the population at large.

Scientific studies and personal testimonies demonstrate clearly that lucid dreaming can be used to affect reality (i.e. the waking everyday world) in some very exciting and amazing ways. No I’m not joking! Lucid dreaming has proved to be such a valuable tool for real life improvements that it is now used to help students to study better and more efficiently, while some evidence exists that it can even make you smarter.

So, it is no wonder many people want to learn how to lucid dream. However, although there are spontaneous lucid dreamers who will drift into lucidity without any effort, and a small number of people who actually lucid dream every night, the vast majority of people must learn how to lucid dream. This involves effort, patience, persistence and time. And, this is a challenge for many would-be lucid dreamers.

Some people complain that lucid dreaming is too difficult to learn and requires way too much effort.

Because it does take a certain degree of effort and a dose of persistence to learn how to lucid dream even using tried-and-tested methods and even though there are excellent lucid dreaming courses that work, like this proven lucid dreaming course, many companies have seen a huge gap in the market for a lucid dreaming magic bullet product that lets you lucid dream with absolutely zero effort on your part.

Want to lucid dream without the effort? Of course you do. Why wouldn’t you?!

Unfortunately though, just about every magic bullet product, in every single market, never works! Take lucid dreaming masks for example. Most of them are completely useless (with the exception of one that is no longer manufactured). But, are lucid dream pills the same?

The truth about the effectiveness of lucid dream pills

Are lucid dreaming pills effective for inducing lucid dreams and are they worth the money? Yes … and … no! Let’s take a look at what I mean by this.

Lucid dream pills are packed with a varied of different natural substances. Herbs that have been used for millennia by different cultures and shamans that are well known for inducing vivid and sometimes like-like dreams are packed into lucid dreaming supplements.

Popular lucid dreaming pills will rely heavily on natural plant extracts to help create vivid dreams where lucidity can more easily be achieved. To see how these work and to determine how effective they are let’s take a look at what is inside a typical lucid dream pill available today.

I will use Lucidimine as an example because it has the common ingredients found in most lucid dreaming supplements. As you will see later there is another supplement that is more powerful but Lucidimine is a useful example because it is typical of most popular lucid dream pills on the market.

Ingredients of Lucidimine are:

  • Galantamine:  This is a memory enhancer. A completely natural substance derived from the bulbs of certain types of daffodils. It is used to help you remember your dreams better and to remember to check if you are dreaming during sleep – which are two essential aspects of lucid dreaming.
  • Alpha-GPC: This is another memory enhancer. It is a natural substance derived from small amounts of highly purified soy lecithin or from purified sunflower lecithin.
  • CDP Choline: A supplement used to heighten brain functions and in the case of lucid dreaming give you a better chance of realising that you are dreaming. This can come from dairy products though most lucid dreaming pills get it from fruits and vegetables.
  • Choline Bitartrate: Here we have another memory improvement supplement that also helps to improve mental functioning. Although it can be found in animal products, in lucid dream pills it is usually sourced from plants.
  • L-Theanine: This natural supplement helps to increase levels of essential neurotransmitters in the brain the regulate cognitive skills. As I outlined in this article heightened cognitive skills is a major trait in lucid dreamers and is the main factor for realizing that you are dreaming. It is an amino acid that is usually derived from green tea.

Although many people do achieve great results using lucid dream supplements such as Lucidimine, I believe that an additionally powerful supplement is LucidEsc and it’s a similar price. Be aware though that Lucidimine is the only supplement that contains the extremely powerful galantamine (something that LucidEsc is sadly lacking and that would make it a more effective product).

Before I explain why let’s take a look at the ingredients in this lucid dream pill.

Ingredients of LucidEsc are:

Huperzine A: This is a natural supplement derived from the herb Chinese club moss. It greatly increases the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain for better memory and heightened cognitive functions. It is a powerful substance that will help you remember your dreams and also help you to remember to check if you are dreaming during sleep – two essentials for lucid dreaming. Additionally it also increase your conscious awareness while you are dreaming giving you a much better chance you actually realizing you are in a dream.

Alpha GPC: This is another memory enhancer. It is a natural substance derived from very small amounts of highly purified soy lecithin or from purified sunflower lecithin.

Choline Bitartrate: Here we have another memory improvement supplement that also helps to improve mental functioning like Huperzine A. Although it can be found in animal products, in lucid dream pills it is usually sourced from plants. This supplement will also improve your ability to be more conscious during your dreams and to remember them fully.

Ginger Root: Ginger root has been used for hundreds of years in herbal medicine and as a spice in cooking. It is a powerful natural way to induce positive-feeling, uplifting vivid dreams.

Cardamom Extract: This is a spice made up of the crushed seeds, oils and extracts of several different plants. Although a very popular cooking ingredient it also has some amazing dream properties. This supplement can create intensely vivid, colorful and wonderfully weird dreams. Because the dreams are weird (but kept positive by the ginger root) this gives you a much greater chance of realizing that you’re dreaming and thus becoming instantly lucid.

How lucid dream pills can help induce lucid dreams

Lucid Dream pills are designed to create the correct mental and physical dream environment for inducing a lucid dream. Although they cannot induce a lucid dream without additional actions from you they can do most of the heavy-lifting.

When you take a lucid dream pill it will create very vivid, colorful and dynamic dreams, and the right lucid dream pill will also heighten your cognitive functions and give you a better chance to realize that you are dreaming.

As I have covered previously it is the realization that you are dreaming that leads to lucidity and allows you to become fully conscious in your dream and take full control over it. A good lucid dream pill will help create the type of vivid dream, and put you in the correct cognitive state, to make that realization.

When I look at the ingredients of the two lucid dream pills outlined above I can clearly see what the pills are designed to do and also what they cannot do. I can also see why LucidEsc is a better supplement for lucid dreaming than the alternatives.

Where Lucidimine is packed with helpful supplements for creating vivid dreams, LucidEsc offers a little bit more in the fact that it ensures you have only positive good-feeling dreams that are also extremely vivid and a little bit strange and wacky – the stranger the dream the better. When you have a very good-feeling, vivid, colorful dream, that is completely crazy, you have a much better chance of realizing that you are dreaming and becoming lucid.

In addition, the LucidEsc supplement also complements this with ingredients that trigger the cognitive functions associated with heightened consciousness thus giving you a better chance of become conscious within the dream.

Having said that, Lucidimine is currently the only supplement that uses galantamine and is also very good.

I recommend using the LucidEsc or Lucidimine supplement.

However, I can also see that although using a lucid dream pill, even LucidEsc, can be a very effective aid for helping you to lucid dream, it is not a substitute for proven lucid dreaming techniques.

However, if you use the same pill in conjunction with some powerful lucid dreaming induction techniques you massively increase your chances of having a lucid dream and you will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes you to have your first deliberate one.

So, let’s delve into how you can actually use lucid dream pills to dramatically improve your chances of having a lucid dream.

How to use lucid dream pills correctly

Let me state quite unequivocally: A lucid dream pill is only effective when you use it with other lucid dreaming techniques.

If you merely use some form of lucid dreaming pill, without combining it with a proven approach for inducing lucid dreams, you will merely have some crazy and colorful dreams (that may even feel life-like), but it is very unlikely you will become lucid. You will just have interesting dreams with no control over them and will not even be aware that you are dreaming.

However, lucid dream pills can make your induction techniques a lot more powerful and help you to reach a state of regular controlled dreaming much quicker.

So, which lucid dreaming pill should you use?

LucidEsc is arguably the most powerful lucid dream pill on the market. It is vegan-friendly and has a great track record for inducing very vivid dreams and creating the ideal dream environment for becoming lucid (as long as you follow the directions below). It is the one I recommend.

This powerful lucid dream pill will create the perfect mental and physical dream environment for lucidity but always keep in mind that you have to do some work as well.

You must perform daily reality checks if you want your lucid dream pills to work.

You must perform reality checks daily if you want to take advantage of the effects lucid dream pills have on your mind and body. The type of vivid, colorful and dynamic dreams created by a lucid dream pill, along with the heighten cognitive functions that the likes of LucidEsc enhances, gives you a much, much better chance to realize that you are dreaming when you are dreaming. And when you realize that you are in a dream you will instantly become lucid.

But if you don’t do a reality check in the dream, or learn how to recognize dream signs as taught in lucid dreaming courses, then you will probably not make that realization.

By making reality checks a habit, and learning how to look for dream signs while you are awake, you are much more likely to do these things when you are dreaming. Because your lucid dream pill has created a vivid dream environment, and helped you stay more cognitive and aware, while also helping you to remember to perform a reality and look for signs, when you do those things in a dream you will instantly realize that you are in a dream.

So, lucid dream pills are a very effective aid to helping you become a lucid dreamer and once you have learned the skill of lucid dreaming, taking a lucid dream pill will likely always result in a lucid dream. However, these pills are not a magic bullet way to achieve the skill of lucid dreaming and will only work if you are willing to perform the other necessary actions.

Do lucid dream pills work? Yes, they work very well but only when you also use lucid dreaming induction techniques. On their own lucid dream pills will only create vivid dream without the conscious control associated with lucidity.

If you perform the necessary induction techniques, and are willing to be persistent, a good lucid dream pill will definitely help you to achieve the skill of lucid dreaming much quicker and much easier than you do without it. So, I suggest you use your chosen lucid dream pill along with a good lucid dreaming course to guarantee that you will, with persistence, learn how to lucid dream consistently.

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