Can Lucid Dreams Become Real?

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Lucid dreams sure are a lot of fun. Being able to live out your wildest fantasies in a safe environment over which you have complete control is a blast. But is it all just illusion and virtual reality, or can lucid dreams become real?

Lucid dreams can’t become real. Even though they look and feel real lucid dreams only occur in the brain of the dreamer. However, you can use lucid dreams to affect reality in other ways. You can use them to practise real world skills, help you study and for personal growth. Lucid dreams can also be used to help you reach your goals.

Can lucid dreams come true?

In order to understand why lucid dreams cannot come true you need to fully understand what a lucid dream is. Lucid Dreams are exactly the same as regular standard dreams. Both types of dream are the same in structure and source. A lucid dream does not change from a regular dream, it is the conscious awareness of the dreamer that changes. The dreamer becomes “awake” in the dream.

Lucid dreams have some very mundane causes, all of which lie in the level of conscious awareness and the brain functions of the dreamer when they become lucid. There is nothing strange or abnormal about it.

Although there are some lucid dreamers, and would-be lucid dreamers, who make wild claims about lucid dreaming being a gateway to different dimensions the simple truth is that lucid dreams happen in the brain of the sleeper. A lucid dream is simply a regular dream in which the dreamer is awake and aware. Of course with this awareness comes some benefits, like being able to change and direct the dream, but a dream is no different in form and substance whether you are lucid in it or not.

There is nothing mystical or magical about lucid dreaming. In fact it is such a normal skill to develop that everyone can do it as long as they are willing to follow directions and be persistent in their efforts. Proven lucid dreaming courses can guarantee you will learn this skill if you are willing to be diligent in your attempts. But trust me the effort is worth it.

Lucid dreaming offers many benefits, most of which involve having fun in a dreamworld that feels just as real as real life. However, some of those benefits you can bring back with you into the real world, as I will cover shortly. But even though you can use your lucid dreams to benefit you in the waking world you must realize that all lucid dreams are mental constructs. They may feel very real, like real-life in fact, and they may be vibrant, clear and colorful, but, they are only mental states that have been created by the subconscious mind. They are not real.

Regardless of what you read or what other people tell you, in a lucid dream you are not astrally travelling to a different dimension. You are not visiting parallel realities. You are just having a natural experience that is a byproduct of completely normal brain functions. All lucid dreams happen in the brain. Strong evidence for this exists in the fact that lucid dreamers are unable to meet each other in their dreams.

Because lucid dreams happen only in the brain and are not real, it stands to reason that they cannot become real in the waking everyday world either.

However, having said that I should point out that there are lucid dreamers who claim that lucid dreams can be used to help with manifestation and even shift realities (though please note that lucid dreaming is not the same as shifting). It is believed by some that if you repeat the same lucid dream over and over again across many different dreams that the scenario you play out in the dream will eventually become real.

Though repeating a lucid dream multiple times does serve a valuable purpose, I find the view that it can alter reality to be over simplistic and basically wrong.

Let’s face it, if lucid dreams could become real, especially through repeating specific dream narratives, then I would be flying around space in the Millenium Falcon as the new Han Solo with Charlize Theron as my Princess Leia (though I wouldn’t knock back Carrie Fisher if she turned up).

Obviously I’ve never been to space, at least not in the real world, and unfortunately I have yet to meet Charlize Theron (though I’m still holding out hope). So, regardless of what some online forums may say, you cannot create anything you want by simply repeating the same sequence of events in lucid dreams – using them as if they were some kind of supercharged visualization exercise.

However, this does not mean you can’t use lucid dreaming to affect reality. You can!

An oxymoron?

Not really, because the way you change reality through lucid dreaming is super cool but, it is probably not in the way you are thinking.

How lucid dreams can help you make changes in the real world

Lucid dreams may not become real but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to change things in the real world. Let me explain.

We have discovered that all lucid dreams happen in the brain, so those lucid dreams cannot change the real world or become real in any way. They are not magic. However, because lucid dreams happen in the brain they can be used to change how the brain works and this can have some amazing real-world benefits.

Anything that has a mental origin can be affected by lucid dreaming. A perfect example is a sports skill. Let’s look at how you can use lucid dreams to positively change your sports performance.

Improving real world skills

By practicing any skill in a lucid dream you can improve the same skill in the real world. This is never more pronounced or easily verifiable than it is with sports skills.

Although a sports skill  requires a certain amount of muscle memory, the knowledge of how to execute a skill lies in the brain. If you take baseball as an example, it is the brain that determines the speed of a baseball flying at you and it is the brain that tells your muscles when to spasm to move the bat so it hits the ball at the exact right spot to launch it out of the park.

You can use this basic mind/body interconnection to your advantage in lucid dreams.

By practicing hitting a baseball perfectly in a lucid dream you can train your brain to do the same thing in the real world. This applies to any sport or any skill. You can practise as much as you like and take as many risks as you like without ever running the risk of getting injured.

The more you practise in your lucid dreams, the better you become in the real world.

But the power of lucid dreaming to affect reality goes well past sports and skill improvement.

Improving mental prowess

Lucid dreaming is not just a fantasy-fulfilment super-powered VR set in your head that can help you hone your baseball kills. In fact is its ability to affect the real world is not restricted to mere skill improvement. Lucid dreaming can actually make you smarter by improving your cognitive and problem-solving skills and encouraging greater neurotransmitter development and interactions in your brain. And, it can boost memory and enhance your creativity as well as your life-planning skills.

But there’s more!

You can even use your lucid dreams to help you study. Studying in a lucid dream is not the same as studying while awake. It is much more powerful. You can use your lucid dream study time to gain greater understanding of information and concepts and for better recall when you are awake. For academic students lucid dreaming offers more than just the opportunity to get in extra study time. It supercharges your understanding and recall of the information you absorb while lucid.

Personal growth

Then there is personal growth and self development. Lucid dreaming can help here too.

Because a lucid dream occurs in the domain of the subconscious mind, (it is the subconscious mind that builds the dream to your specifications and populates it with characters), everything within the dream is merely a representation of your own psyche. This is especially true of dream, characters.

Even though you can visit anyone in a lucid dream you are not visiting the real person. Everyone you meet in a lucid dream is actually just a representation of some aspect of yourself. You can use this to your advantage.

Of course you can still use a lucid dream to meet someone you know, or have known, or to meet up with someone you have never met before (like Charlize Theron) but the dream representation of them will be a mere mirror image of who the person really is.

The better you know the person in real life, the closer will be the dream character to the real person.

But, you don’t have to stick with real people. You can use dream characters for much more than simple get-togethers.

By conjuring up (not in an evil or sinful sense) a dream character to act as a counsellor or psychologist you can interact with them and learn a lot about yourself. This actually applies to any random dream characters you encounter in a lucid dream. You can question them to see what they represent and ask them if they have anything to tell you or teach you. You’ll be shocked and sometimes surprised by their answers.

Although many characters in your lucid dreams will have the feeling of being mere puppets, a great many of them will display individual characteristics and will seem to be very real. By interacting with them you can discover some very insightful things. Try it and see.

You can also learn things about yourself and your past that you are consciously unaware of, and overcome traumas, phobias and emotional upsets, by taking the same approach to your nightmares. Although a lucid nightmare is a very rare thing you can use one for tremendous and epic personal growth.

It is the standard practise for lucid dreamers to stop a scary dream or alter it in some way to make the dream more pleasant. But a much more powerful way of using these type of dreams is to analyse them from within the dream itself.

Instead of immediately stopping the nightmare or changing it, pause for a second. Then ask the dream, or scary dream character, what they represent and what they are trying to convey to you or teach you. If it makes you feel better shrink the character or place a protective barrier around yourself before you do this, though that is not strictly necessary as you can not get hurt nor die in a lucid dream.

Taking this approach to your lucid dreams can have a profoundly positive effect on you in the real world and make you a much more emotionally-centered person, with much more confidence and allow you to develop much higher self-esteem.

So what are you waiting for? Get trained to become an omnipotent lucid dreamer today and change your life in ways you thought were impossible!

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